Botox: Am I one of these now too?

Especially women work with Botox on their smooth surface. I'm a feminist and I decide how I want to look. And now I'm going to squirt.

Botox: Am I one of these now too?
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    "Tell me what you don't like." Dr. McNamara and Dr. Troy in TV series Nip/Tuck say this sentence at beginning of each audience in ir cosmetic surgery practice. As with many women in late thirties, it's just first wrinkles. There between nose and mouth, and also re on forehead. Depending on incidence of light, y come out stronger, and when I look at myself in mirror for too long, y dominate my face. Then I turn my head back and forth and weigh my options.

    This is new. I grew up in an environment where beauty was not a currency and Weiblichsein was not associated with much work. My friends would rar chain mselves to fences to stop castor transports than to make up. And my mor had already kicked her bra in 70s in 1970s, and at same time she left makeup and or Klimbim forever. I, however, spent many hours in front of mirror and felt twice as bad. Because while I put toger my outfits and inspected my adolescent skin skeptically (without ever getting to desired result), I was always painfully aware that I could also spend my time with less superficial activities.

    Today I cannot approve of beauty industry with its extreme ideals, nor do I want to dispense with fashion and make-up as a means of expression. But when I'm invited by a friend to take part in a market research study that lures a Botox coupon as a reward, I go. You can look at me. So as a tourist, with some self-ironic distance.

    Lisa Andergassen is a media scientist and freelance writer. She is particularly concerned with relationship between photography and digital culture, feminist ory and sex studies. She teaches and researches at FH and University of Potsdam and is a guest author of "10 After 8". © Private

    We come toger in one of more beautiful old buildings in Berlin. Younger and older women, with a lot of income or less. In next three hours we will be asked to travels our mustard to all possible details of a business model. The leader of market research group appears to me with her dark blue suede lear dress and loosely screwed hair like a cross between a lawyer and a flower girl. Your business idea: Open a Botox studio in which you can even, between business lunch and next appointment, straighten forehead or let wrinkles be injected. Just as unexcited as going to hairdresser or manicure. This is intended to appeal to a new target group. Namely, women who know what y want, and are not ashamed to be treated in a back-home, but are marching high-lifted head into studio to street. Offensive Botox, so its conclusion, can be somehow also empowering.

    All present have ir own little narratives with which y justify ir participation. While one about detours (Botox against Migraine) was introduced to subject, ors are already aware at 23 that y can not leave ir smooth skin to chance. I myself just feel old, write attentive cosmetic tips and listen to me several times during following round of interviews word "natural" – as desired effect of discussed measures. So far, so harmless. The expected cultural shock is only beginning when it comes to staff of future studio.

    The four to five women who dominate conversation are not so interested in market-economy concepts of female empowerment, but demand standards-compliant bodies at all levels: doctors who "can't even control ir weight" (so Overweight), aroused appearance of professional incompetence. Foreign accents at reception lowered overall level and allowed ambiance to work "cheap". Employees should not only be cared for, but also look really good, and age of receptionist should be (FAR) below thirty, so that customer is not reminded of ir own transience in entrance area. Because no one ever takes a hand in front of mouth ("Let's face it now!"), it slowly becomes very discriminatory.

    Date Of Update: 31 July 2018, 12:00

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