Bridge part-time: Many mothers remain excluded from the right to return

The grand coalition wants to make it easier for mothers to return to a full-time job. But government figures show that the law excludes many affected women.

Bridge part-time: Many mothers remain excluded from the right to return

The right to return from a part-time job, which is planned for 2019, remains full for majority of part-time mors with no effect. This is due to federal government's response to a question from left-hand group, which is available to Rheinische Post. According to government figures, a total of 5.1 million part-time mors in Germany are working well 3.1 million in a company with less than 50 employees. The so-called bridge part-time should only apply to employees in companies with a staff of 45 or more. Thus, vast majority of women concerned did not fall under new rules.

"If two-thirds of mors are exempt from a right of return, n that is a fatal political sign," said leftist politician Susanne Ferschl of newspaper. She accused union of having confined bridge part-time in coalition negotiations with SPD. Used to be "a real right of return of part-full-time for all". The wishes of employees would have to be taken seriously, said Ferschl.

Desire for more work

Almost every second working woman has no full-time job, while mors with small children are even less than three quarters of a part-time employee. One million women would like to work 12.5 hours more per week according to government response. Those who work for a long time only have a lower pension entitlement in old age. In particular, many women are threatened with age poverty. According to government's response, a monthly gross earnings of 2,026 euros would be required at present to obtain a net pension above basic hedging level of currently 814 euros for single parties.

The right of return had long been discussed between Union and SPD. In last legislature, n Labour Minister Andrea Nahles (SPD) failed to resist union. The project has also been on hold for some time in recent months. It was not until mid-June that federal cabinet decided to draft bill of Federal Minister of Health Hubertus Heil (SPD).

Date Of Update: 29 July 2018, 12:00

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