Gender equality: one woman per hour

Although Björk, Lykke Li and Lorde were the most acts at the Primavera Festival in Barcelona. However, there is still a bad thing about gender equality on the Popbühne.

Gender equality: one woman per hour
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    Diversity is a beautiful thing, but stylistically broad programme of many music festivals also shows that women and Genderqueer artists are still under-represented on international stages. Even most fond of hippest Festival of Europe, Primavera Sound was in its 18th edition with Acts Björk, Lorde and Lykke Li only just above festival average: artists want to oblige m all, say Festival Booker, but proportion of women According to a survey of 20 largest multi-genre festivals, website Pitchfork Media 2018 is only 19 percent, and last year it was 14 percent. A broader study of network female pressure came to similar results: only 15 per cent of festival acts from 2015 to 2017 were female.

    Primavera, with an average of 200,000 visitors per year one of Giants in European festival operation, had promoted with gender equality, but clearly gender-equal was festival only on part of audience. "But re is no hour at festival where re is not a woman on stage," says Primavera spokeswoman Marta Pallarès. "All stages are also played by women. And women can be found in all genres. " This also means, however, that at any time remaining seven to nine stages of men are occupied.

    Marta Pallerès, spokeswoman for Primavera Sound Festival © Frank Sawatzki

    Why is re a similar picture on all major European open airs 2018, from Roskilde to Pinkpop and reading to Lollapalooza Berlin? Because many lesser-known musicians could not be marketed as well as Beyoncé or Lady Gaga, says Berlin singer Bernadette La stallion. "Therefore, organizers of festivals always claim that re are no musicians who are good enough to rock large festival stages. That's nonsense, of course. " The Primavera spokeswoman, on or hand, cannot confirm this for Barcelona: "It is exclusively about quality of artists. The conditions for women are in place. I am sure that women who start today to make music and to appear will be in 20 years of festival headline. "

    The line-ups of present can hardly keep pace with developments of pop music. Had we not already believed narratives of rock'n'roll behind us, with mythically exaggerated men's frets, who are allowed to extemporieren on one side and girls who – admiring boys – remain in role of spectators on or? The current biggest pop stars are women, but also Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry will not experience this summer on festival stages in Europe.

    Date Of Update: 06 June 2018, 12:02

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