Privacy: Facebook should have passed data to Chinese corporations

Smartphone manufacturers from China have apparently been able to access Facebook user data for years. This also includes a manufacturer to warn US secret services.

Privacy: Facebook should have passed data to Chinese corporations

Facebook has shared data with several Chinese smartphone manufacturers, according to American media users. Among cooperation partners, according to a report from New York Times, is also group Huawei, before which American secret services had repeatedly warned in past for espionage risk. According to newspaper, Facebook confirmed collaboration with Huawei. But this will be back this week.

The or device manufacturers from China who were given access to a Facebook interface are according to report Lenovo, Oppo and Tcl. They belong to a group of about 60 hardware manufacturers, with whom Facebook shared user data – including manufacturers such as Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Samsung. According to New York Times, collaborations with Chinese companies go back to year 2010 at least.

According to report, information about jobs, relationship status, and likes is part of company's shared user data. This data has been used, for example, for apps from manufacturers that bundle notifications of multiple social media accounts. A Facebook manager said that data was stored exclusively on respective smartphones and was not transferred to manufacturers ' servers.

Democratic US Senator Mark Warner demanded a declaration from social network. Facebook should disclose how it could know that no data had landed on Chinese servers.

Huawei, one of world's largest smartphone manufacturers, is considered a security risk by US intelligence services because of group's close contacts to Chinese governance. In past, company rejected espionage accusations.

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Date Of Update: 06 June 2018, 12:02

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