WZB Study: Muslims and blacks most disadvantaged on the labour market

A study shows how much discrimination in job search varies according to Origin. It is crucial that employers perceive 34; cultural distance 34;.

WZB Study: Muslims and blacks most disadvantaged on the labour market

In German labour market, applicants with Muslim or African roots are severely disadvantaged – even if y are born in Germany. This is based on a study by Social Science Research Centre Berlin (WZB).

Thus, discrimination in job search depends mainly on country of origin of applicants and ir ancestors. People whose parents came from European or East Asian countries would hardly be discriminated against. On or hand, people with roots in Africa or in Muslim countries would have much worse chances.

According to its own data, research team sent more than 6,000 fictitious applications for survey between 2014 and 2016 to real job vacancies in eight training professions. In applications, country of origin, external appearance and religious affiliation were varied, but also characteristics such as gender or grade average.

Spaniards with a slight advantage

With same qualification, 51 percent of applications of people with a migrant background were answered positively, and 60 percent for applicants without a migrant background. The findings of study made it possible to conclude that applicants from some countries of origin were exposed to significant labour market discrimination. The chances of or groups, however, would not differ significantly from those of applicants without a migrant background: Spanish applicants would even be preferred at tenure to candidates from Germany.

As main reason for discrimination, authors of study call cultural distance: employers would base ir decisions less on differences in qualifications than on values y have with associated group of applicant associations. Applicants with a migrant background would only be disadvantaged if cultural values of people in country of origin deviated strongly from values in Germany. Discrimination against blacks and Muslims can also be explained by se differences in value.

"Our findings show that it is above all cultural dimension of immigration that creates inequalities," declared authors Ruud Koopmans, Susanne Veit and Ruta Yemane. "Especially in times of demographic change in which companies are struggling to reach out to skilled workers and trainees, it should be in everyone's interest to fully exploit potential of qualified applicants in Germany and to ensure that all people have a fair To give a chance to a job – regardless of name y carry and wher ir parents are immigrated from anor country. "

Date Of Update: 07 June 2018, 12:02

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