Nigerian-Canadians Are Finding Cheaper Ways To Call Long Distance

Save Your Money By Making Long Distance calls From Canada To Nigeria.

Nigerian-Canadians Are Finding Cheaper Ways To Call Long Distance

If you’ve lived in Canada for any length of time, or talked to other Nigerian-Canadians about how to call Nigeria, you know that calling long distance in this country is expensive and many people don’t know about alternatives. 

However, they are out there, and Nigerians living in Canada are moving to monthly and prepaid long distance calling plans that you can sign up for online. Not only are these companies proving to offer better rates, some as low as one cent a minute to countries across the world, it’s also easier and more convenient to pay for minute bundles online and manage your calls through a mobile app. 

One of the big problems with using calling cards is that it’s often small organizations or individual entrepreneurs selling calling cards to make a quick dollar. All they have to do is get a VoIP server to provide cheap calls to countries across the world and print a number of cards they can sell in convenience stores. They come and go or rebrand often, and they come with a lot of hidden fees. 

Some of the most common hidden fees include:

- Minute rounding, where the company doesn’t count the exact minutes you use, but rounds up to every three or five minutes, costing you money.

- Service fees per call, where the company charges a flat fee for every call, in addition to the minutes you use.

- Maintenance charges, which charges you every week or month that you keep a balance on the card.

As many Nigerian-Canadians have gotten fed up with these hidden fees, they’ve turned to no-fee prepaid long distance calling company G3 Telecom, a Canadian company that offers reliably low rates for international calls. They offer a one-month free trial, as well as superior quality phone calls using premium routes rented from major telecommunications companies. That’s what gives calls a higher-quality sound depending on the carrier you’re using. 

There are over 40 countries you can call with G3 Telecom for one cent a minute or less, or you can buy country-specific minute bundles or monthly service. Depending on how often and how regularly you’re calling Nigeria from Canada, an unlimited monthly service could save you even further, while prepaid minute bundles also help you know exactly how much calling Nigeria from Canada will cost you. Whatever service you use, there are a few things you should expect

No expiration date on the minutes you buy.

- No hidden fees

- Landline and mobile use

- No contract

- High quality calling

If you want to learn how to make a cheap call to Nigeria, visit G3 Telecom to learn more  about low long distance calling rates. You’re paying too much to call overseas if you’re using a major carrier like Bell, Rogers, or Telus. Canadian mobile and long distance calling rates are some of the most expensive in the world, thanks to a stranglehold on the industry in the hands of only a few major companies. You don’t have to put up with high rates, either from calling card companies or major companies. Prepaid long distance calling plans save you money when you want to make a cheap call to Nigeria. 

Date Of Update: 20 October 2017, 11:32

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