Online Trading: Dawanda goes offline at the end of August

The Berlin start-up Dawanda gives up after almost twelve years. But the platform for self-made products promises its sellers an alternative.

Online Trading: Dawanda goes offline at the end of August

After almost twelve years, DerOnline-marketplace Dawanda will set up its trade portal for self-made products and design on August 30th, 2018. To buyers undVerkäufern on platform, company recommends a change ZumUS shopping portal Etsy. Dawanda was founded in 2006 to establish HandgemachteProdukte as a new category in online trading.

Claudia Helming, founder of UndGeschäftsführerin of Dawanda, teiltelaut portal with: "Toger with our community, we have made do-it-yourself in Europe in last 12 years and make handmade products as a new category in E-commerce. We can be proud of this achievement! Neverless, in recent years we have had to admit that we alone will not be able to drive growth furr. That is why we must act now – in order to ensure that our sellers have long-term existence of ir companies, ir income and furr growth. "

For estimation of industry experts, some 150 employees of Dawanda should give Esnach information of company a severance package. A large part of workforce is already exempt.

According to a message from Etsy, Dawanda currently lists about four million articles. 2017hätten two million buyers and 70,000 active sellers found on DerOnline platform to each or.

Date Of Update: 01 July 2018, 12:02

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