France: Simone Veil in the Panthéon buried

The politician and Holocaust survivors Simone Veil is the fifth woman to be admitted to the Panthéon. President Macron praised her commitment to women's rights.

France: Simone Veil in the Panthéon buried

One year after her death, French women's activist and Holocaust survivors Simone Veil was buried in panon of Paris Hall of Fame. Thousands of people gared to honour former politician on way to Panthéon. Veil died on June 30, 2017 at age of 89 years.

In his speech, French President Emmanuel Macron reminded of Veil's tireless commitment to reconciliation and European unification after Second World War, in which she had lost her parents and her bror. Veil is fifth woman to be buried in Panthéon.

Macron said that veils in Panthéon was "what entire French people wanted". The President particularly emphasized her commitment to women's rights and freedom. Veil was one of most popular and respected public figures in France. Numerous personalities and politicians took part in ceremonial ceremony, including former heads of state Hollande and Sarkozy.

First President of European Parliament

Simone Veil was Minister of Health in 1970s and fought for right to abortion. 1979 she became first President of European Parliament. Time Life, Veil also advocated remembrance of Holocaust. Her mor, her far and her bror were murdered in Auschwitz.

Simone Veil will rest in Panthéon next to her 2013 deceased husband Antoine. By Monday two coffins are laid out re and n buried. On Friday y were brought from Montparnasse cemetery to Paris Holocaust memorial, where y were laid out for 48 hours. On Sunday y were carried to Panthéon.

Date Of Update: 02 July 2018, 12:02

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