Writer: Terézia Mora receives the Georg Büchner prize

In her work, Terézia Mora is dedicated to the outsiders. The Hungarian-born writer is honored with the most important literary prize in Germany.

Writer: Terézia Mora receives the Georg Büchner prize

The writer Terézia Mora gets Georg Büchner Prize 2018. This was shared by German Academy for Language and poetry. The prize, endowed with 50,000 euro, is regarded as most important literary award in Germany.

Mora received award "for her eminent presence and vivid language art, which unites everyday idiom and poetry, drasticness and delicacy," it is stated in jury's explanatory statement. "In ir novels and narratives, Terézia Mora is dedicated to outsiders and homeless, precarious existences and people in search, thus painfully hitting nerve of our time." They relentlessly take into view loss of urban nomads and sold out abysses of inner and outer strangeness. This is done suggestively, powerfully, image intensive and stress-charged.

Terézia Mora was born in 1971 in Hungary and grew up bilingual. Since 1990 she lives in Berlin. For her novel The Monster she received 2013 German Book Prize. Last appeared from her novel Love Among aliens. Außerdemwurde has already won Ingeborg Bachmann Prize. Terézia Mora is also successful as a translator from Hungarian.

The Georg Büchner Prize is awarded to writers who write in German language. They are to "stand out in particular by ir works and works" and "have a significant share in shaping of contemporary German cultural life". Prize winners include Gottfried Benn (1951), Heinrich Böll (1967). Last year he went on to prize to lyricist Jan Wagner.

Date Of Update: 03 July 2018, 12:02

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