North Rhine-Westphalia: Ex-RAF trio to be responsible for further raids

Investigators assume that the ex-RAF terrorists have perpetrated dust, Garweg and burdock more deeds than previously thought. That's what they do with DNA analysis.

North Rhine-Westphalia: Ex-RAF trio to be responsible for further raids

Three ex-RAF terrorists in opinion of investigators are more responsible for two raids than previously assumed. According to Lower Saxon state criminal Police office, DNA traces indicate that three suspects are also responsible for raids on supermarkets 2006 in Bochum-Wattenscheid and 2009 in wages. The number of robberies allegedly perpetrated by ex-terrorists Ernst-Volker Staub, Burkhard Garweg and Daniela Burdock thus rises to twelve.

The investigators would now assume that three with real ID live under a false identity in Germany – and for a long time, LKA chief investigator Matthias Behnke said to mirror. For raids y would have changed ir appearance, believes investigator. After deeds, y probably would have dropped masquerade and possibly put ir weapons in deposits from RAF times. "We believe that y look different in ir living environment," said Behnke.

According to police, last suspected robbery was in June 2016 in Cremlingen near Braunschweig. With a bazooka and an automatic rifle, two men and a woman raided a money truck and a business re. Garweg, burdock and dust belong to so-called third generation of RAF. But most recent acts have nothing to do with terror, but rar with old-age provision, experts said.

Date Of Update: 04 July 2018, 12:02

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