Privacy: Third parties read millions of times in Gmail mailboxes

Not a hack, but a well-accepted approach: third-party developers directly read messages from Gmail users. US media call the common practice a filthy secret.

Privacy: Third parties read millions of times in Gmail mailboxes

Google allows developers to access millions of emails from Gmail users. If developers obtain appropriate permission from users, y can routinely crawl inbox and read e-mails in this way. This is a report from Wall Street Journal entitled "Tech's Dirty secret". Google has confirmed to news page that third-party developers can obtain rights to access users ' mail accounts. Some of third party companies evaluate news fully automatically, ors let ir employees see by hand in e-mails, for example, to train ir own software.

In order for third-party developers to gain access to mail, user must grant m permission. This is usually done for use of free mail services such as automatic travel planners or price comparison portals. The Wall Street Journal mentions, among or things, company return path, which is supposed to analyze up to 100 million e-mails per day.

Under developers completely normal

But alternative Gmail clients also secure reader's rights for user's e-mail account. The company manager of development studio behind Edison Mail app has even admitted to Wall Street Journal that its developers have read mails of hundreds of users of ir Gmail client. This practice is completely normal among app developers and is covered by terms and conditions of respective apps or services. In total, Wall Street Journal has asked more than two dozen developers to confirm this approach to ir current or former employers.

Also Google itself has confirmed described behavior of third-party developers. However, user must explicitly grant him right to access mails. Third-party developers may be able to unlock Google for this access. Google employees mselves only have access to news in rare cases, such as when investigating security incidents or troubleshooting-n Google asks users for permission separately.

Date Of Update: 04 July 2018, 12:02

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