Ingeborg Bachmann Prize: There is no righteous right-wing writer

In Klagenfurt the 42 days of German-language literature begin. In the opening speech, Feridun Zaimoglu finds clear words against the right jerk in Europe.

Ingeborg Bachmann Prize:   There is no righteous right-wing writer
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    In se months, when crisis of book market, loss of readership and end of DerBuchkultur are so explicitly discussed as rarely before, one can hardly fail to remember a dictum Hans-Magnus Enzensberger's: that of "death of literature". Especially since this formula from legendary textbook 15 is just celebrating its fünfzigjährigesJubiläum.

    Perhaps it is also quite sensible to try Enzensberger's Thesenoch once. One can and should not necessarily read it as a einenfinalen, but as mark and affirmation of einerkraftvollen renewal movement, away from literary Establishmentund forms of postwar literature, towards openness of LiterarischenFormen and literary experiment. and also towards anor form of socio-political commitment of literature, when it was represented Bisdato by group 47. Last but not least, EnzensbergersAusspruch was one of those conscious and experimental provocations with which he has repeatedly sent impulses not only to indie literary world in past decades, but also to life signs of literature World.

    It would be Wiewünschenswert if days of German-language literature, DieMittwochabend were opened in Klagenfurt and in which until Sunday 14 writers and writers IhreTexte present and from a seven-member jury Coram Publicis Kritisiertwerden could also send such a sign of life. And how wesentlichwäre it is that in end it is not only summed up wher field of participants speaks for einenguten or mediocre state of German-speaking contemporary literature ( phrase "vintage" is also used at this point, but wine is Much better).

    Against poor haters

    The MedialenVoraussetzungen are given – on different channels, on TV, Radio undInternet – readings and jury discussions can be followed. and DieAuftaktveranstaltung--according to usual, lazy protocol ceremonies--struck a tone that one can hope to echo in Denkommenden days.

    Feridun Zaimoglus speech on literature was a towering plea, just as poetic and political, although Zaimoglu is now known Wirklichnicht to screw down his beliefs to clearness of a leading article. If he changes this in times when introduction of transit centres is being discussed in Germany and where in Austria Dieschwarz-blue government is not only aggressive in asylum policy, but also attacks cultural and media business, Then one can only hope that ZAIMOLGU will join many voices.

    Against poor haters, against DieFrauenhasser, against stranger haters. Like a kind of chorus, se words were retreated by Zaimoglus speech, in which he opposed dictation derLeistungsgesellschaft as well as against patriarchy – both in westlichenals and in Islamic world – and especially against dull patriotism.

    Date Of Update: 05 July 2018, 12:02

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