Payment glitch affects customers across the nation

Nationwide customers reported delays in receiving their wages Friday due to a payment glitch.

Payment glitch affects customers across the nation

Customers used social media to ask why their wages were not going in, but they were still receiving payments.

Nationwide stated that it experienced a delay in processing overnight payment payments.

According to the UK-based building society, the problem has been solved.

Working across the country to resolve payment delays

According to Downdetector's website, problems started in the early hours Friday morning and more than 800 issues were reported by 07:30 GMT.

One customer complained on Twitter that the Nationwide Bank was a joke...second time now, no response. This is a threat to people's lives. It is absolutely disgusting."

Nationwide spokesmen said that the problem was "quickly resolved" after which they apologised for any inconvenience caused.

The spokesman stated that members received some types of payments overnight but were not able to receive them immediately.

"The issue was resolved quickly this morning, and payments are currently being processed. This delay affected payments such as scheduled credit to accounts, standing order and direct debits. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Nationwide customers were affected for the second time by the holiday season's problems.

Many people couldn't send or receive money days before Christmas because of errors on 21 December.

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