Top causes of accidents in Alabama

The state of Alabama sees specific and universal causes of wrongful death. Before any law firm in Alabama can handle a case of wrongful death

Top causes of accidents in Alabama

Three Top Causes of Wrongful Death in Alabama

The state of Alabama sees specific and universal causes of wrongful death. Before any law firm in Alabama can handle a case of wrongful death, Alabama says that there must be an unlawful act, an omission, or negligence by someone that causes another person to die. While there are many causes of wrongful death situations, there are three top leading causes. These causes of wrongful death occur on the roads as,

  • Car Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents

There are as many reasons why these wrongful deaths happen as there are causes. When speaking of wrongful death at the hands of a person in a vehicle, the reasons are wide and varied. To cause the death of another person sharing the road means that person must have been negligent in their actions, creating a death.

The investigative process of the police and the law firm representing the death must determine if the person became distracted while driving. What was that person doing to cause the accident? Many kinds of distractions draw drivers' attention off the road. All of these distractions are reckless actions. The top-rated highway hazards are high speeds, sudden lane changes, and poor visibility in addition to,

  • Cell phone calls and texting while driving.
  • Alcohol use before getting into a vehicle or while driving
  • A manufacturing defect of a vehicle can cause the death of the driver or another driver. Vehicle defects can hold the manufacturer at fault versus the person driving that vehicle.
  • Criminal actions are certainly a distraction, such as carjackings or robberies.
  • Road defects that cause a driver's sudden uncontrolled actions that hurt or kill the driver or other drivers. The most dangerous roads in Alabama are US Hwy 431.

Instances causing distractions such as criminal acts, manufacturer defects of vehicles, and defective roads take the driver's fault.

Other Wrongful Death Circumstances Rank High in Alabama

An inattentive driver hits a pedestrian walking along roadsides or while crossing a street, and those riding a bicycle and motorcycle.
Without thinking a driver turns in front of these people, drivers may pass them on the road and come too close. Drivers pull off to the side of the road or are parking and opens their door, at the same moment a cyclist approaches, and the door crashes into the person. Pedestrians and cyclists have the right of way on the road. Motor vehicles must yield to these people.
While the above are the top reasons for wrongful deaths, there are other illegal death circumstances caused by negligent persons. The following injuries or death happen but are not as prevalent as road deaths.

  • Construction site accidents
  • Workplace accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents at the workplace or on private or city properties
  • Medical Malpractice in all areas of medical care such as, not adhering to set standards of care. Medical malpractice is extremely wide and varied from administrating the wrong medicine to surgical mishaps.
  • Sub-standard care from abuse to neglectfulness of a patient

A Trusted, Seasoned, and Empathetic Alabama Wrongful Death Attorney

If you believe a loved one was the subject of wrongful death, you need to find an experienced and trusted attorney as soon as possible, whose expertise is wrongful death cases. The earlier you file, the better the chances of successful outcomes. The state of Alabama enforces its two-year statute of limitations related to a wrongful death lawsuit. Alabama has extended this time is certain instances. Obtaining a wrongful death Alabama attorney and presenting your case as soon as possible protects your rights to fair and just compensation.

An Alabama attorney well-versed in Alabama laws is essential to the outcome of your case. Victims and their families cannot find closure until they find justice. The accused person must accept accountability for their actions related to causing a wrongful death due to negligence.



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