Why No One Agrees to Help You When It Comes to Funds Recovery

Why No One Agrees to Help You When It Comes to Funds Recovery

It is an unfortunate situation when you become a victim of an online scam, but can’t find help anywhere. When you look at the online world and how much knowledge there is on the internet, you believe that you can get help from someone when you lose your money. However, you only come face to face with the reality when you really do lose money. It does not matter which institution or company you try to approach for help, you are given the cold shoulder. Why does that happen? Why can’t you convince anyone to help you? Here are some of the reasons.

Reasons No Help You with Funds Recovery

1. They Just Can’t

The first reason you have to know why no one is agreeing to help you is that they can’t help you at all. You can approach your local police or try to contact the lawyers in your country, you will see that they are reluctant to take your case. They can’t help you because they don’t know much about the online world. It is unfortunate but true that most of the police around the world still do not have a strong network or system to catch the thieves that live in the digital world. The case is quite similar for lawyers as well. They can help you with personal injury, accidents, insurance, divorce, etc. and many others cases, but when it comes to online frauds, they have their hands up in the air.

You can’t even think about calling your bank and asking them why they let the transfer happen when they knew the online company was a fraud. Or, you could try to do the same with the payment service you used. However, when you look at things closely, you will be compelled to say that it was your fault. You will not get any help from anyone.

2. They Don’t Want To

This one might hit you hard, but it reality yet again. So, when you sign up with online brokers and trade with them, you often have to deposit small amounts. Well, these amounts may seem large to you but not to the institutions that are involved in that transaction. Whether it is your bank, broker, or the payment service through which you have transferred the money, they are huge institutions with huge earnings. Your case may be of only $10,000 or $15,000. That amount matters a lot to you, and perhaps it is your entire life’s savings, which you tried to increase through investing. However, that amount is nothing for banks and other similar financial institutions.

So, they don’t want to be a part of this case just for this small amount. However, if a huge bank were caught in the same scenario, these institutions will jump in and try to help as much as possible. So, just because you have lost “only” a few thousand dollars, you will not be helped by these huge companies.

3. They Think It Is Your Fault

One of the biggest issues with banks and other financial institutions is that they think it is your fault that you lose your money. In the same way, if you contact your police or lawyers, you will notice that they think it is your fault. They want you to act smart when you are using the internet. Just because you fell for a scam, they believe that you were not smart enough. They don’t realize the online world and how deceptive some online scammers can be. If you put them in your shoes, they would act the same way. However, to distance themselves from these matters, they will act as though it is your fault and you should be dealing with the situation.

They will ask you why you signed up with a scammer in the first place. If you are not able to justify your position, you will end up losing their interest. In most cases, you will lose their interest and they won’t help you at all.

Can You Get Help at All?

You will be surprised to know that there is someone that can help you with your situation. This company will not blame the whole thing on your or say that they can’t help you because the matter is outside their control. In fact, this company will help you just like you want it to help you. So, if you have lost money to an online scammer or fake broker, you definitely want your money back. That’s exactly what this company is going to do for you. And the company that will help you with your funds recovery is none other than Money-Back. Every penny that you have lost on the online platform will come back to you when you report your case to Money-Back.

There is a huge difference between how your police works and how Money-Back will help you with your situation. In fact, don’t let this fact shock you that even Interpol can’t help you in this situation. Not to mention, Interpol does not help you with your personal cases. Your police has to report a case to Interpol to get help. However, Money-Back has the team of lawyers and even psychology experts who know how these online scammers work and how they can be scared to return the money of the trader. Have this team on your side and it won’t take even a month to get all your money back from online scammers.

Final Thoughts

Just a few years back, you could not have any hope of getting your money back from an online scammer. People signed up with online brokers to start their trading careers and ended up losing their money. Since these fake brokers were located in different countries, the traders were hopeless and had to forget about their lost earnings of life. However, since the arrival of Money-Back, things have changed drastically. You are not on the winning side if you choose to go with Money-Back to get your money back from the scammers.

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