Work from Home: improving Your Productivity While Working from Home

Work from Home: improving Your Productivity While Working from Home

You, at one time, must have had that weird desire to have some time home, with your farm during the working period. And wish you could work from home. And you don’t have to keep on picking that ugly business phone on your desk.

But who would predict that that time would come? And, you would have to work from the comfort of your homes? How does it feel to work in all the distractions around you?

According to a survey by Agenda Survey, sixty per cent of respondents enjoy working from home and have improved their productivity. There is, however, a significant number of employees who are struggling to adapt to the new normal, working from home. But, of course, it is not easy to adjust so soon. You will have to struggle with distractions and temptations at some points.

How and where you set your home office will determine how much you can do from home. Office requirements, such as furniture and equipment, also influence your productivity. You can read more interesting stories from The Right News Network.

  • Determining the Ideal Space to Set up Your Office

So, how do you determine the best space for your home office?

Determining the best space to set up a home office is vital. The environment around you can significantly affect your concentration. You, therefore, need to put what keeps you focused in mind while establishing your working space. Note that everybody is different and unique. Some people are more productive if they work with background noises such as music. Others prefer a quiet environment. You need to set up your home office in an ideal space, depending on your preferences.

While working from the home office, you will have to beat all distractions and balance your home being and work life. Distractions maybe environment-related such as noise and scent, or typical distractions such as power supply and connectivity instability. While you may not have needed it before, sufficient and consistent power supply and reliable network are now some of the essentials you will have to consider. Your home office must be in a space rich in these essential. You may also need to install a backup generator if you often experience power shortages

  • Setting Up Your Home Office

Your office layout, (furniture, decorations and other equipment required in the office) is another thing to put in consideration to improve your productivity while working from home. The type of work you will be doing will determine your office layout.

While setting up your office, you should keep your storage space in mind. Your supplies, such as pen, notebooks, business cards, among others, are essential and should be kept in order. You do not want to waste your time looking for an important document. A roll-around cart or built-in cabinets can be a convenient storage space.

In addition to that, decorating your home office can significantly influence your working mood. You do not have limited possibilities for decoration. Consider decors and colours that light up your mood, but remember to stick on less distracting decals. Natural plants and sunlight can enhance your psyche and promote health. Proper ventilation is also vital.

Note that you need enough space for a conducive working environment.

  • Furniture and Equipment

While working from home gives you the privilege to have everything you need in your office, you are responsible for your comfort. You are also in control of everything in your office. Although your employer may provide some of the necessities, you need to have proper furniture and equipment to improve your productivity.

Depending on your needs and the type of business you will be doing, your desk should be an excellent fit.  There are hundreds of styles to choose from, starting from traditional wooden or steel desk to modern standing desk with adjustable laptop surface. Regardless of the type, your desk should have enough working and storage space. Ensure to keep your desk uncluttered.

Your office chair is the other consideration. It should be comfortable as possible to avoid strain on your spine. It would be best if you had a chair that fits your body, has casters for easy movement and adjustable to cater for your particular needs.

You are also responsible for other office equipment such as desktop or laptop, microphones and a wireless headset, business phone, printers, mobile phone, charger among others. In addition to that, network router, email server, and sufficient bandwidth for streaming and video requirements, are other essentials that are a must-have for a complete office. You do not want to miss an important call or profitable deal due to lack of any crucial equipment.


Your home office can be much more comfortable than a traditional workplace office or can be stressing depending on where, how, or the equipment you use. The best part about working from home is that you can control almost all distractions and temptations as you have the whole office to put in order as you wish. You cannot prevent what is happening beyond your space in a traditional workplace office, as you have control over your desk only. Whether you are working from a home office or traditional workplace office, ensuring your safety is crucial as we strive to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

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