LGBT Awards: Adele Roberts is named role model of year

After sharing her story about bowel cancer, Adele Roberts was named British LGBT Awards' role model of the Year.

LGBT Awards: Adele Roberts is named role model of year

After sharing her story about bowel cancer, Adele Roberts was named British LGBT Awards' role model of the Year.

After revealing that she was suffering from the disease in October, Radio 1's DJ is widely praised for her honesty during treatment.

She has been a tireless advocate for others who are aware of these signs and symptoms since then.

Sue Perkins, the host of the ceremony in London, hailed her as "hero" during Friday's ceremony.

Adele accepted the award via video message and thanked the LGBT community of their support during her treatment for cancer.

She stated, "You have inspired me to do better and be better..."

"I know the importance of being proud and not apologising for your identity. I understand that you need to be that person that you were when you were younger.

"So, I hope that I'm doing this for anyone who is dealing with cancer."

Ms. Roberts was subject to intense treatment. She now has a stomabag.

As a way of breaking down stigma surrounding her diagnosis, Ms Roberts featured Audrey, her stoma, on the cover of Women's Health magazine in May.

The 43-year old has previously praised Kate Holderness, her fiancée, for being her "counsellor and mentor" and her "best nurse ever."

Lady Gaga received the celebrity award. It was announced by surprise guest, Dame Kelly Holmes who recently came out as gay.

After a public vote, Alicia Keys was named celebrity ally for the year. The public figure who has supported and shined a light on LGBT issues through their work is eligible for the ally award.

She accepted the award with a prerecorded video message and praised lesbians, gay, bisexuals, transgenders, queers, and intersex communities.

She stated that she knew the LGBTQI+ community had a lot of work to do. So, just like you all, I am here to support you in continuing to show up, represent, and remind each other that we are not alone.

Let's shout at the top of your lungs that everyone deserves love, kindness and respect.

"Officially, we've made a lot of progress but there's still so much to do and so much that must happen. That's why ceremonies such as this are so important."

After being nominated by his outrage against anti-LGBT countries, Tom Daley was awarded the Sports Personality of the Year award.

Strictly Come Dancing's Johannes Radebe, and John Whaite, were awarded the media moment award for their performance at the 2021 semi-final.

They were widely praised for their dance to Adele’s Hometown Glory, which was a contemporary version of what it was like growing-up gay.

Whaite stated: "We have come a long way, but what Johannes and I did that night was not about us.

"It was all about the community who came before us and those who will continue to carry the torch forward.

Julian Clary, a broadcaster, presented a lifetime achievement award to Stonewall's representatives.

This event, which has been going on annually since 2014, is one of the UK's most important awards ceremonies for LGBT community support.

Perkins, the host of the awards, said that she was looking forward the continuation of celebrations during Pride in London’s 50th anniversary March.

She said, "It's important and fun."

"I'll be there. Maybe a few sheets to the wind. Perhaps with a couple glow sticks.

"I will be supporting affiliated charities and doing my part." It's still as important as ever, and may it continue to reign for many years.

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