5 Top Canadian Driving Schools For Your Teen

When it comes to your young driver, you want to give them the best opportunity to be successful and safe on the road

5 Top Canadian Driving Schools For Your Teen

When it comes to your young driver, you want to give them the best opportunity to be successful and safe on the road. Picking the right driving school for your new driver is essential. Driving schools help teach teens the theoretical and practical elements of driving, and give them a solid set of skills to keep them cautious and accident free. 

1.Young Drivers

Young Drivers Of Canada is one of the most reputable in the country and has a wide range of packages to suit your young drivers needs. Everything from a parallel parking course to an anti-distracted driving course are offered here. The downside? Young drivers are on the higher end of the spectrum from a price point perspective. Packages range from $265.48 for two 90-minute in-car sessions to nearly $1500 for a deluxe package that includes driving on gravel. 


Did you know that your roadside assistance service also offers driving lessons to young drivers? If there isn’t a CAA driving course in your area, CAA also offers an approved network of driving schools across Canada that you can choose from. Students who use this service can actually take their G2 test four months earlier than other driving schools, which is a huge incentive. 

3.Canadian Tire Driving Academy

The Canadian Tire Driving Academy is a terrific resource for new drivers. Packages start from $699, and they offer driving courses to teens who are new Canadians, and may not be familiar with different traffic signs and signals, as well as signage in different languages. 

4.AMB Driving School

AMB Driving School is a great option for drivers who will also have a lot of hands on practice at home. They have a wide range of packages that spans everything from a certification session to a full individual driving course. 

5.All Star Driving School

All Star Driving School is located in Ontario, and have been in business since 1987. They specialize in defensive driving tactics and have a 20-hour in-class course along with over 10 hours of in-car lessons. If your driver is already well versed in driving etiquette and rules, they may not need as much in-class attention. 

Choosing a driving course for your teen isn’t a one-size fits all endeavor. Some young drivers take naturally to driving, and are comfortable behind the wheel almost immediately. Other drivers need more practice, and would benefit from a more full spectrum-driving course that spans a few weeks. When deciding which course to enroll your teen in, make sure that you check with your insurance provider to figure out which course will provide you with the best discount for your new driver. A new driver is a great opportunity to renegotiate your policy. If you find that you’re unhappy with what your current insurance company is offering for your new driver, compare your policy to other automobile insurance providers on the market.

Date Of Update: 24 July 2018, 21:50

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