How to Start a Java Programming Career?

Do you need to be naturally talented to become a good Java developer and to start a programming career, in general?

How to Start a Java Programming Career?

Do you need to be naturally talented to become a good Java developer and to start a programming career, in general?

The answer is «No». Programming is not a career, which requires some prominent skills, creativity and talents. You just need to be someone who is really patient, dedicated, and willing to put some time in education and practice. But everyone is different. So, you have to find your own approach and your our own strong side when it comes to programming. Choosing Java as a starting point for a career is great. Java knowledge allows you to move further, to learn more, and to get better opportunities in IT. But how to start? What to begin with? Today, we're going to provide some useful recommendations on Java learning, which you can always apply in practice. If you can't decide whether Java will be too difficult or maybe too easy for you to begin with, you can always get some basic understanding of what this language is on to make a final decision.

But if you're 100% ready to start learning any minute, the information below is for you.

How to Learn Java for Beginners

When it comes to programming, you have to remember one very important thing. Developers always learn in practice. Programming is all about doing rather than reading and writing. So, you have to be ready to implement your knowledge in practice, coding from the very first day since you decide to become a programmer.

So, here what you can do at the very beginning of your Java programming career.

● First of all, you need some kind of application to code in Java with. Don't learn syntax only. Use your knowledge in practice. For this purpose, install one of the most popular work environments among developers – Eclipse. All the instructions, recommendations, and just practical advice on how to use this IDE correctly, you can easily find on the Internet. Of course, it is going to be hard for the first couple of days. But this is something you just have to do to avoid any barrier between theory and practice.

● Where can you get a theoretical information? Books and Internet resources. There are plenty of printed and online programming resources out there. To find a book is a little bit harder than a website. So, we have a few recommendations of what you should pay attention to. Among the literature, which presents programming concepts in the way you can easily understand them are «Head First Java» by Kathy Sierra & Bert Bates, «Thinking in Java» by Bruce Eckel, and «Java: How to Program» by Paul Deitel & Harvey Deitel. These are those books which can be recommended for any Java developer.


Generally speaking, Java is a good programming language to learn as you have a lot of resources out there. It is fairly simple but very popular at the same time. So, use the advice provided above, find the materials you need, and start coding right now.

Date Of Update: 11 June 2020, 07:00

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