Jamie Oliver: "The pain of Brexit we will pay all, is a divorce especially calamitous"

In the middle of a crisis of british identity, the celebrity chef from Essex returns to seek refuge in Italy to find the tradition of the 'nonnas'. "The kitc

Jamie Oliver:

In the middle of a crisis of british identity, the celebrity chef from Essex returns to seek refuge in Italy to find the tradition of the 'nonnas'. "The kitchen is not a luxury, it is survival,"

times Are hard for the kitchen in the Uk, you do not need to remind everyone Jamie Oliver. The "perfect storm" of Brexit, coupled with the rise of the shopping basket, the decline of local businesses, and the changing habits of consumers have been put against the ropes the empire's gastronomic world-renowned chef, television, forced to close a third of its more than 40 restaurants.

But Oliver, 43 years old, is from those who continue to see the glass as half full. With all the headwind, decided to set out towards the Vesuvius and the Alps, Apulia and the Aeolian islands, in search of the best kept secrets of the nonnas, served now in the tray in Jamie's kitchen in Italy: from the heart of Italian cuisine (Grijalbo).

The getaway you came to the finger to remind you of the most important lessons in life, starting with this: "The kitchen is not a luxury, but a survival tool. And the kitchen is also the culture. Unfortunately, the Uk buried their culinary tradition for decades. But in countries like Italy, France or Spain, this culture survived the toughest of times, and that is something we owe above all to our grandmothers, and not to the chefs of the new generation."

already Surpassed the trauma of the paella with chorizo (the recipe gave it a grandma in Spanish), the famous Naked Chef comes out now to meet Nonna Rosa (black rice with gorgonzola), Nonna Teresa (spaghetti with pistachio), Nonna Franchima (squid stuffed with pecorino) and Nonna Graziella, Comazia, Vita and Cinzia, the grandmothers of the orecchiette, a pasta bailed in the heel of Italy.

Your penchant for Italian cuisine comes from far away, from its initiation with Antonio Carluccio to your friendship is non-combustible with Gennaro Contaldo, his guide faithful. "Would be great with all of them as if to say that the Italian cuisine is the champion of the world", he acknowledges. "But already we see what happened in the football World cup, with Croatia coming to the end and measuring up to France. What is certain is that any kitchen can become the champion, with the perfect balance between tradition and innovation, as has happened in the last few years with the peruvian cuisine".

Despite the boom of tv shows and cookbooks, Jamie Oliver is still lamenting a base problem, which is manifested in the troubling rates of obesity in children: "we Need to bring the food to the schools. Us not just what children eat better at school; we have to teach them basic skills in life, and among them is the kitchen. All children 16 years of age should know at least to cook ten dishes. Parents should lead by example, and bring them to the market, instead of to the mall, and to facilitate an active and healthy life".

healthy Recipes for every day and Five ingredients were the last efforts of Oliver of bring the kitchen without complications to the common of the mortals. Some of that is in Jamie's kitchen in Italy, surprising for its variety and the secondary role of the flesh... "The italians have eaten always meat in moderation, and this is as it should be. The excess consumption of meat today is unsustainable: China and India may not go our way, we are in any case those of us who should learn from them."

"The food industry is that most people moves on the planet, and agriculture and livestock rearing are the major contributors to climate change," emphasizes Olvier. "We need a shift in our eating habits: our generation will be perhaps the last that you can eat, and squander it in this way. I am confident in the role of children, and in their ability to find solutions for the health and well-being of the planet."

Jamie Oliver, father of five children, he also acknowledges his powerlessness in the face of the future that denies them the Brexit to the new generations: "70% of my workers are from other countries and bring their knowledge and contribute to enrich our culture. Now not only will we close the doors, but raise barriers to 40% of our imports of food from Europe."

"we're All suffering the pain of Brexit and all what we will end up paying," he says. "Divorces are never good, but it is especially calamitous. I voted for the stay and I keep being indignant, how it was turned into a pack of lies to promote the output. We have lost the clarity and the confidence in the future. We live in a time delusivos".

"After a year dark, because we see the light"

once Told Jamie Oliver that he was considering retirement, but he said it with the small mouth. It is true that the economic crisis has forced him to close dozens of local and lay off hundreds of employees. At the beginning of this year, their debt amounted to 80 million euros and had to put three million of pounds out of pocket to save the chain of Italian restaurants. The chef has blamed Brexit a good part of their problems but refuses to give up. They will bring more features devoted to the books and the tv? "I grew up in the kitchen and I can't leave him," he says. "For me the kitchen is the base of everything and feel that I am missing something without the restaurants. Is the cocktail perfect, and I plan to find a new balance. After a year dark, we are already seeing the light at the end of the tunnel."

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Date Of Update: 05 December 2018, 08:01

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