Why laugh in the bed is the best aphrodisiac in the world

The remedy for the nerves, embarrassment or fear in bed is a burst of laughter. Laughter produces an increase of serotonin, a hormone key in the crush If you

Why laugh in the bed is the best aphrodisiac in the world

The remedy for the nerves, embarrassment or fear in bed is a burst of laughter. Laughter produces an increase of serotonin, a hormone key in the crush

If you think that the best thing of sex is the orgasm, you can stop reading these lines. If, on the contrary, you are one of those who believes that it is not at all cheesy to say that one makes for love, then you can continue reading. Assumed that more than the target what is crucial is the journey, be attentive: don't forget to include laughter as you walk, explore or palpitas. Because only the scared live sex as something serious.

The first reason is biological: "The laughter is linked to happiness and this in serotonin, which is the key hormone in the falling in love". What explains the sexologist and technique in Equal Standard Ageitos. And this implies that not only the desire to bring two people, because "the laughter also allows you to connect with a partner."

In theory it sounds very good, but in practice it is not so simple. It is precisely during a sexual relationship when people are most fragile, exposed, feel. Each one will have to deal with what they have: complex, vulnerabilities or beliefs that, at times, are more legend than reality, for example. Emotional spaces that can make it difficult to take potential moments ridiculous like something fun or that makes you laugh.

But "the more serotonin is produced more desire can be felt", continues Ageitos. And tackles another reality: men have gatillazos -sometimes, someone, happens, nothing happens - and "women have farts vaginal". His advice: "you have to take it to laugh, or be natural. Say directly that you die of embarrassment or that the partner imposes so much that...".

"the more serotonin, more desire. take to laugh the gatillazos and farts vaginal"

if that weren't enough it also serves to the moments in which one of the two, or both, gets nervous and gets out of the situation. "Laughter has a lot of escape from our modesty and our shame," says this professional, who believes, further, that the tendency is to "assess the sexual encounter as something serious, viewing them from its risks and everything that could go wrong".

in Addition to be effective during, the laughter also serves in the beginning. According to the research of Sexual selection and humor in courtship (Mood and sexual selection in courtship), "the best indicator of a romantic connection is that two people laugh together." In reality, the author of the work, professor Jeffrey Hall of the University of Kansas (USA), was trying to relate to the humor with the intelligence, but he realized that, above all, it is very important for the social life.

And gives some guidance: "The men try to know if a woman is interested in them to make her laugh, to see if she taught their letters." And he insisted: "For many men, this form of behavior is completely conscious".

Hall conducted three different studies that year, with more than 300 people involved in each one of them, but the reality is that not found the connections enough between humor and intelligence, but most of the that expected at the time stating that it is the sense of humor is the personality trait that most helps you to find the right partner.

For example, is the main feature of a pleasant personality and sociable. "A good part of what it means to be a social person is the ability to joke with people," he explained. And even dare to say that this game of laughter between men and women -not obtained results in relation to other couples - it is practically a dialogue guionizado. "It is a game powerhouse, and is present in every conversation, from asking someone for an appointment until the seudodiscusión to pay the account".

Believes that humor in itself is positive, "the best way to develop a lasting relationship," he says. So, forget about the harshness, of an amazing dinner, the best concert and even put on his most incredible galas. The best will be coming and make a joke, and so continue until the laughter is part of the sexual encounter.

Date Of Update: 26 October 2018, 19:40