The justice bullfighter Frank Cuesta: "I've learned a lesson."

Frank Cuesta and Victorino Martin: "We are anti-antitaurinos" The back most controversial of Wild Frank with his program on bullfighting "bullfights ar

The justice bullfighter Frank Cuesta:

Frank Cuesta and Victorino Martin: "We are anti-antitaurinos"

The back most controversial of Wild Frank with his program on bullfighting

"bullfights are the only show in the world where someone dies. The bull always, the matador sometimes. Many speak of culture, others from torture. Some say art and tradition, and others say blood and death...". Thus marked the start of the justice torera of Frank Cuesta.

Frank Cuesta, alias Frank of The Jungle, alias Wild Frank, gave last night a lesson. A lesson to bullfighting, antitaurinos, animalistic, and anyone who criticizes and attacks what you do not know. The a side, the other. The program of the premiere of the new season of Wild Frank in DMax dedicated to the bulls was an example of humility, of respect, but, above all, of freedom.

Humility because despite the fact that Frank is declared antitaurino and still don't understand "why all that" he did not hesitate a moment to stand in the Plaza de Las Ventas in Madrid to see live and in your first bullfight. He did so with the greatest respect in the world, but without hiding what he believes, what he thinks and what he feels, and he received what he gave. He sat down and saw a run trying to understand what it was that it was lydia, and why it pricks the bull and kills him.

"I didn't want to, I refused. But to see what they wanted to do it was necessary to see it all (...) The people, the movement, the sound of the bull... you have to be there and see it. When I was there I kept thinking about the why of everything. It is something totally unnecessary", stated last week in the presentation of the program. Indeed, for Frank is unnecessary, but he wanted to understand and know of the hand of Luis Francisco Esplá and Victorino Martín.

As always in their programs got up to the kitchen. He attended a bullfight, spoke with fans, went to the bars bullfighting close to the plaza, endured despite not bear it, and heard, above all, heard. He listened to the one side and the other, and let that they, themselves, portray.

I'm no taurine, but I have a long tradition of bullfighting. My mother, my father, my grandfather are big fans and tried to from my teenage years that I have known a world that they respect and love. Fortunately or unfortunately (at this point I don't know what is best) there arose in me such a passion, but I always had one thing clear: he was going to respect them and was going to try, at least, to know his hobby. So I did, and I felt the same that he felt Frank does it Cost to do the program: "I've learned a lesson. Many times we criticize, protest, or fight against something without having all the information. I had a lot of bad data".

With the prejudices of the declared antitaurino, but not to deceive anyone, heard the arguments of those who defend bullfighting. "Because it is a tradition"; "because it is Spanish culture"; "because the fighting bull is the animal that better lives"; "because without bullfighting, the fighting bull would not exist"; "because it gives a lot of jobs"; "because the more you love, the bulls are the bullfighters".

Arguments that Frank does not just convince but who understood first. First saw the cumshot, after he listened to the teachers, went to a demonstration antitaurina to the plaza de toros de Alicante, listened to those who want to abolish them, gave them voice and let them that, like the lovers of the bulls to give their arguments, he saw the bulls, found your care, your upbringing, your nature... and came to many conclusions, but one above all: "to prohibit is to return to the dictatorship".

Supports that its abolition is "through the law because it is not okay to kill an animal to live", but completely rejected that you try to prohibit something by imposition. It's normal not to agree with it to skip to the bullrings, but it is place on the side of the manifest, always and when not to try to impose the ideals of one group over the other. And that is what showed your program.

it Was The Sales and not found any rejection by to be Frank Cuesta, antitaurino and defender of animals. Found respect and eager to show and teach you things that bullfighters and fans loved them. "Being a bullfighter is a legal work," he said leaving a very clear message to those who will qualify for murderers. Frank placed himself between the sword and the wall, but if you do not Frank to see who has the saints flats to do so.

"The guilt of which has bull the has this lord of black. And that lord black is the toro bravo. It is not wild because it lives in Pastures, but live in areas so open that this semi-freedom makes them an animal very wild. It is not a bull like a bull either. If I wanted to become a bullfighter could not goad a bull either. Is a bull that is genetically engineered has been created for a very long time and with many crossings. You have much more temperament, a bull, much more arrogant (...) This looks and lifts. Has an attitude very pimping. What is it that they do? Ramming, though they bite them, even as I pinched them. That natural selection has made them that this bull is specialized in ramming. That is why it is so important to this bull".

do you Believe that Frank had made this argument before to carry out the program, before you know the world rejects? I am convinced that no. And stood face to face in front of a bull to live in their own meats that genetic selection. "It can be shown that the toro bravo in freedom, not gore. We encierras in a closed area, in an arena, and the bull the first thing it does is to ram".

he Met the bull, knew his nature, knew for what they charge, why they are bred, how they live... and continued getting to know the toreros, which they call "murderers and torturers". And turned to listen. "The feeling of when a bull comes out toriles 200 and that at the end you with your crutch you get to the speed you want is a feeling... it Is a conjunction with the bull that fills you, nourishes you". We listened and learned what to prepare, how to prepare, how to have fear of the bull, how to live it. He already knew what they feel the antitaurinos, the animalist, but I wanted to know the other side, the side of the "murderer".

And it was hard, like hard before getting into this mess. I called murderers, torturers, but he wanted to defend, to show their vision, on the other hand, because in order to respect, listen, because to demand there is to know, to hate you have to know what you hate.

Know that the bullfighter who suffers a butt is put on, feels and understands what suffers the bull; to know that they respect the antitaurinos, but that "this is not a roman circus", and who speak only from the side, only from what they want to see.

And Frank, for the antitaurinos that is released to his neck, did not give up their guns. He continued to criticize the cumshots, attended one more together with Esplá, a celebration of plaza mobile where he lived the "microcosm" that is generated around it. He returned to insist that the that a while ago "was a beautiful beast, is now a piece of meat hanging from a crane. Like many other animals, but with the difference that it has gathered hundreds of people that have cheered when you hit a flag, when we have killed him"

"This moment is very ugly," he warned Frank to Esplá when carrying the corpse of the bull is hung from a crane and a truck. "I don't like anything. Goes against the aesthetics of the animal. Almost offended, but this is already entering the industrial death where the animals are hung as offal, are swept away and it hurts me to see the toro bravo." No, it is not Frank Cuesta who speaks, is not that it hurts, it is not that offends, it is Esplá, a former bullfighter, someone of this world. "It is an awful end", word-of-Esplá, not a antitaurino.

Frank was all out. Was to cumshots, it was to the pasture, he was with the matador, went to lydia and went to the slaughterhouse. And watched as the bull that had been bravo for a few hours now was as any animal of the meat industry. Skinned, boned and quartered before the eyes of pain and disgust of Frank, but about all of Esplá. The toro bravo ended up being meat for the butcher, to the restorer and to the plate. And Frank saw it and showed that some want to refuse to see and to know.

Date Of Update: 26 October 2018, 19:46