José Manuel Soto: "Today Lluis Llach is the most rancid and Manolo Escobar, protest song"

Seville, 1961. Melodic singer, betic and ram rojigualda Twitter against the independence. He is the author of 'For her', 'Let yourself be wanting,' and the

José Manuel Soto:

Seville, 1961. Melodic singer, betic and ram rojigualda Twitter against the independence. He is the author of 'For her', 'Let yourself be wanting,' and the last contest, waged on social networks for the unity of Spain.

In your basket of Christmas there will be cava Catalan, or Catalan sausage... As if she saw it.The answer is probably yes. Because I have friends who do cava very rich in Catalonia. And a sausage very good in the area of Vic. Always they send me. I would not be a supporter of boycotts, but we must not forget that there is also a cava very good in Galicia and Granada. The beautiful thing about Spain is the diversity. I am not in favor of any boycott, but yes in favor of unity and against those who want to break the country.How long is going to leave the flag of Spain on the balcony?Of time is there. I guess that when the bad time will start to fly. The return to normality is good. And normal is not that the flags of Spain have always to be exposed by all sides. A movement has arisen against the harassment and abuses of the world's separatist movements. The independents have achieved the unimaginable: to rescue the patriotic feeling Spanish that he was asleep. And they have also managed to bring together the left and to the right under that flag. Something that neither Franco achieved in 40 years these have gotten in a month.Do you envy the hair of Puigdemont?Noooo [Laughs]. I am very happy with my little hair and my forehead too wide. And what about the Betis will not be able to fish in troubled water to Messi?And if it comes to Messi Betis, who do we remove? [Laughs] Look, I live on the side of the field of the Betis, in the neighborhood of Heliopolis, where I was raised, where they have gone to school with my children... There the Betis is a hallmark of very large. Along with the flamenco and the bulls, I think that Betis is one of the signs of identity most important of Andalusia. Who is the voice of Spain? For me Serrat. Shrimp. Rocío Jurado. And now I would say that, Manolo Escobar... It's funny: Lluis Llach now is the most rancid and Manolo Escobar is a protest song.You have been the bearer of the reaction patriotic of Spain in Twitter. What is the weirdest thing you have been told by the street during these weeks?Down the street, all good things. "We're with you". "You support." For the networks I have been called everything. Those that insult are anonymous. I now go to concerts and the people asks me for the "Viva España". The people I identify with this reaction patriotic, I've become a spokesperson for the silent majority. It seems to me well. What is a bad business to talk about it?For me it has not been bad. They are calling Me of all the teles, I have a public presence much bigger than I had a year ago. But the artists in general prefer not to get wet. It has always been more cost effective not to wet, not to fall ill, prudence. I prudence I think it is good for the politicians. But we have a certain social significance we also have the responsibility to defend what we believe. I think in Spain, in a style of life, in which there is no shame in anything in which we have left a huge footprint in the world. We are a country that is worth the effort. What will sing you to Artur Mas?[Starts to sing] What of Amaya: "Fuck, I've hurt you, you go, with your lies, go away, far from here."How much more years does one have more right-wing is?I don't think. With age you become more reflective. I'm not right-wing. The concept of homeland is not a concept of rights. It is something transversal. What happens today is that people tend to polarizarlo all: if you are taurine, a catholic, and you get a flag, whether you are a facha. And that is not so. After the attacks of Barcelona, you wrote: "the time has Passed for the good vibes and 'Imagine'. I prefer to fight." What weapon would go where?Fighting is not pick up a weapon. Is to give the face. If the terrorists come to get us the good vibes of the flowers and the poems are not worth for nothing. What you need to do is to fight back: by making the denunciation, giving to the face, shot dead by the Armed Forces. Because these are going to kill everything they can. If they can poison the water they will burn the forests... it Is the only meaning of his life. Ada Colau banned from the bulls. What would you do with Ada Colau? Throw it with the strength of the votes. There are a lot of people who don't want bulls because it is deeply animalistic. I respect very much the animal. What I don't understand is why a certain animalism has to be in the antiespañolismo... Usually with the animal is not to be discussed. Are people quite fanatical. People who rejoices in the death of a bullfighter. All this garbage of the society. This summer they called me "murderer son of a bitch". By going to a bullfight... I am bullfighting tradition, because it is a sign of identity, because it is a way of beautiful life that fosters values such as respect, discipline, work, the search for a dream. Does José Manuel Soto, horse and king?Soto, of course. The horse I like quite a bit. And then there is the King, also. We have a great king. I am a child of the Transition, I was 15 years old when Franco died and I think in the period more prosperous than Spain has ever had, which was the monarchy of Juan Carlos I... The new king is even more prepared. In Spain it is always advisable that you have someone who is above the political parties, which do not depend on the vote... If you had lived in the time of Fernando VII would be a republican. But I had the time of Juan Carlos I and Felipe VI. As a musician, what sounds the word perroflauta?Because it sounds to me like the kids who are looking for the life on the street with a guitarrilla, which at the worst have had bad luck in life or maybe they are happy as well. I do not feel any contempt for these people. On the contrary, some are a few artistazos. How pity of mili?[Laughter] I think that my stint in the army he would be very good to many people, including my children. The mili consisted of the kids, they were mixed, some were learning to drive, others to read, any out of their town by primerz time in his life... I did it in Colmenar Viejo, in Madrid. And I had a tremendous cold. I remember a guard on new year's Eve, in the magazine, to 18 degrees below zero, an uncle of Seville... My grandfather was a general of artillery. I tried to plug in and at the end I did 90 guards. I don't know if it is the captain there gave instructions, because I was a bit of a rebel. How long to get a song dedicated to the Civil Guard?Well look, it's not a bad idea. They deserve a song. What better to sing it in Renteria is not the most appropriate... But the Guardia Civil is the institution most respected in Spain. I am a man of the field. And the people in the field know that the Civil Guard is the one that is always that is the flame. In the small towns, as is happening in Catalonia, what happens is that many of those who go to escrachearlos to the home barracks later are the same ones who call them when there is a flood or something happens. And the guards van. That the people in the villages know very well. Who killed the festival the OTI?What no longer exists or what? I was in the OTI, 89 in Miami. I was second, but come on, that was all managed. It was a brazen. Not had a vote. It was not like in a Eurovision song contest, they were voting one by one. But that ended and they would say: "he Has won Mexico". Just be Halloween. What ghost is scary to you?The of the drought. Spain is a country in big risk of drought. I suffer a lot. This year has not been able to plant because it has not rained yet. We live in a real world in which we believe that you open the faucet and it was always going to come out of water. And it's going to come a day that will not be so. It makes No sense that the Ebro pull of the sea millions of litres every day and the Júcar and the Segura does not have water... what Would perform at a rally of the CUP?I'm not going to call, but if you would call me... I've touched in places very rare. In the huts of the Communist Party of Andalusia, in the homes of drug traffickers, ships from the petrodollars of Saudi Arabia, and at a party in which there was a guy na... A sheikh. Hired by the uncle to a lot of artists to it and we were passing in front one by one, singing a song. It was in Marbella. We were The Beni de Cádiz, el Lebrijano, I, a lot of people... What narco was in Galicia. It was a nightclub that caught to their friends. Suddenly you called on a Monday of February to go to florida to sing and to get there you would see eight gentlemen with their bottles of champagne. There I stayed my hour and a half. Very well paid.And what he knows of narco?Who is in jail. What are gentlemen andalusian?To me sometimes I say gentleman andalusian, but it took 40 years in this profession, I have done 2.000 concerts and I have the ass to peel. Yes are gentlemen andalusians, but have fee and official car.
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