After a long battle with cancer, Thea White, voice for Muriel in 'Courage the Cowardly Dog,' dies

According to John Zitner's Facebook post, Thea White, the woman who made a lasting impression on children by being the voice of Muriel in "Courage the Cowardly Dog," has passed away at the age 81.

After a long battle with cancer, Thea White, voice for Muriel in 'Courage the Cowardly Dog,' dies

Zitner's post features a video that Thea, also known as Feefer, recorded before she had to have surgery on July 20 to remove a tumor from her liver. She tells Andy White, her husband, that she will send her photos of children enjoying the beach and help her recover.

"Oh Andy, my darling. You can do something for Feefer. "Thea asked. That will speed up my recovery. They will have me up and running in no time. You're right, -ish.

Zitner stated that Thea was in Cleveland Clinic surgery for six hours and had her cancer removed. Two days before her death Friday, July 5, at 11:05 am, she needed another operation.

Thea also recorded a second video on July 25 and sounded her Scottish accent before wishing her family all the best.

Jackson, I love you," she declared. "I'll talk with you later about all of your adventures," she said.

White was born in Newark, New Jersey. She studied at the American Theater Wing in New York City and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. According to New Jersey Hills Media Group, White came from a long line of performers, including her grandmother Eva Hazard who ran away from home to join a theater troupe at the age of 16.

While performing in "Goodbye Charlie", in Dallas, she met Andy. Andy and Thea worked together with Marlene Dietrich, a famed actress. Andy was her drummer while Thea was her personal assistant on Dietrich’s Australian tour.

White revealed to New Jersey Hills Media that she was there when Dietrich sustained her career-ending leg injury. This led the Whites back home.

They would eventually settle down in Caldwell, where she was an outreach specialist at Livingston Library. This seemed to have put an end her acting career.

Years later, an acquaintance of hers contacted her about a role requiring a Scottish accent. It turned out to Muriel Bagge, the grandmotherly character who saved Courage from being lost. The show's plot revolved around Courage protecting Muriel and Eustace, her husband who is a monster hunter, from various aliens and monsters in Nowhere Kansas.

Zitner stated that his sister spoke about the importance of her loved ones getting the COVID-19 vaccination shortly before she had her surgery.

He wrote that "She was upset about the selfishness and so many who refuse it when they should." "So, support Thea Ruth White's memory (and Muriel) and GET the damn vaccine now!! "

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