Along with the winner of'The Voice' is...

Blake Shelton said that this singer'would be the very first superstar that we launch off this show'

Along with the winner of'The Voice' is...

Throughout the top 17 around of"The Voice," Blake Shelton made a bold statement regarding 19-year-old Cam Anthony:"You could be the first celebrity that we launch this off show."

While there have been success stories like Cassadee Pope since"The Voice" continues 10 decades ago, lots of the winners don't wind up gaining momentum in the music business, the Deseret News reported.

And in comparison to"American Idol," that has generated stars such as Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood,"The Voice" has yet to generate a household name in the audio industry.

However, this year, Shelton -- who has been a mentor on"The Voice" for many 20 seasons -- has said his belief that Anthony could change the trajectory of this series.

Anthony was a favorite from the start. During his blind audition -- which has been viewed two million times on YouTube -- the singer had three"Voice" coaches vying for him to join their groups.

Nick Jonas was so intent on training Anthony he used his one and block of this round to stop John Legend from the singer. But it was Shelton's pitch that resonated with Anthony the most.

During the audition, Shelton made a unique guarantee: If Anthony chose to join him, he would refrain from incorporating artists that were similar to his team. Since the second and third round "The Voice" pits team members against each other, this would assist Anthony stand out and enhance his chances of making it far in the contest.

And sure enough, Anthony delivered week after week, climbing through the ranks along with reaching the finale. Throughout his finale performances Monday night, he received high praise from all the coaches for his huge run in the competition.

"You're just so prepared for this point. You are prepared for any stage you are interested in being on," Legend said, stating that in 19, Anthony already has the artistry and professionalism it takes to be a superstar. "It is just amazing to see you do everything you are supposed to do on the planet. It's a boon for all of us."

Anthony's victory marks Shelton's eighth win on the show.

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