What to consider when building a doghouse

Do you want to spoil your dog by creating their very own pooch palace?

What to consider when building a doghouse

Do you want to spoil your dog by creating their very own pooch palace? Building a doghouse will give your furry best friend somewhere secure to relax outside without being under constant supervision. It could also be a fun DIY project!

The conditions of the past year or so have driven an increase in pet ownership, with dogs making up a large proportion of the 3.2 million pets bought in lockdown. They’ve provided comfort and reassurance in a period of great uncertainty, so it’s only fair to reward them with a cosy home.  

Read the key things to consider when building a doghouse below.


Do you have an ideal spot in mind for your new doghouse? If possible, try to place it in the coolest and shadiest part of your garden. This will make it a sanctuary in summer while protecting your creation from the elements.

Sitting it against a wall of your house, garage or even garden fence will also provide protection from the wind.


Your doghouse should offer just enough room for your dog to get inside, turn around and lay down. At the same time, it should be small enough to feel warm and cosy during winter. Dogs don’t usually take to spaces that are too open.

Are you expecting your dog to get bigger? Make sure you don’t build a doghouse that your best friend will quickly outgrow!


How do you want your doghouse to look? Key features to factor in might include a raised floor to keep the interior warmer and a detachable door that can keep heat in or out depending on the season.

Having a floor that slopes slightly towards the entry can also be a smart move for draining any excess water from your dog’s coat.


Doghouses are usually built from either plastic or wood. Plastic is lightweight, cheap and durable, but wood offers both practical and aesthetic appeal thanks to its insulative qualities and natural appearance. Don’t forget to buy protective paint too!

You may also want to add shingles to the roof to protect your build from rain, frost and snow.


You’re bound to need some tools to help complete your project. Your shopping list could include an electric band saw for metal or woodworking and a multi-purpose drill, as well as more basic hand tools like a tape measure, hammer and spirit level. Equip yourself for the job before getting started.

Have you got a vision of the perfect doghouse in mind? Follow these tips to create a space they won’t want to leave.  

Date Of Update: 14 June 2021, 18:18

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