Bote Lo de Pasapalabra is from another world: it achieves a historic audience

Pasapalabra has made television history twice on Antena 3

Bote Lo de Pasapalabra is from another world: it achieves a historic audience

Pasapalabra has made television history twice on Antena 3. After 197 heart-stopping duels at El Rosco, Rafa Castaño won the biggest jackpot in the history of the contest: 2,272,000 euros. A feat with which the program hosted by Roberto Leal achieved a double milestone by achieving the best audience data in its entire history with a 37.4% audience share.

With an average of 4,578,000 followers, it is also the most-watched jackpot in the program's history, its second most watched historical broadcast and the most watched on television in the day, also surpassing the audience of the most followed jackpot up to now, the of Pablo Díaz (4,348,000 and 30.8%).

Yesterday's broadcast, in addition to being the absolute leader and the most watched on television, reached more than 6.7 million unique viewers.

His maximum share peak reached 43.8% and occurred at 11:53 p.m., at the moment when Rafa won the jackpot.

The moment with the highest concentration of viewers was at 11:31 p.m., with more than 5 million viewers waiting for the broadcast of Pasapalabra in what was also the most watched 'golden minute' on television this Thursday.

With this historic broadcast, Antena 3 swept the leading television on Thursday with 19.1%, its best data in almost 5 years (May 2018, since the Champions League final) and 7.4 points behind the next chain.

In prime time, it sweeps with a 27% share, its highest since July 2021 and leaves its competitors without options.

Rafa and Orestes had been facing each other on the program since June 1 and their duel came to an end this Thursday with the victory of Rafa Castaño from Seville, who has managed to complete El Rosco in the most unexpected way possible: all in a row and without giving a chance his rival to try.

The Sevillian had 197 consecutive Pasapalabra programs and had already accumulated 127,200 euros. The 32-year-old from Seville has managed to win in 75 installments of the program and has tied 64 times against Orestes, who had been in the contest for 360 installments.

Having completed El Rosco del tirón, the last letter he faced in Pasapalabra was Z: "Beetle that attacks wheat fields, especially when the grains are tender." "Zabro", Rafa has answered correctly, which has earned him to get hold of the desired Pasapalabra boat.

A 32-year-old Sevillian, Rafa Castaño is the youngest of two brothers. His parents, both retired, have worked as civilian personnel at an air base and as a first class teacher, respectively. Graduated in Journalism, he has a Master's in Communication and Culture. His passion for literature led him to work in the past and be a partner in the Caótica bookstore.

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