Don Cheadle explains Why He Married His Partner After 28 Years of Being Single

As with all things over time, social norms around marriage have changed. The nuclear family was normal fifty years ago. People were expected to get married in their 20s and settle down. Today, a couple may stay together for many years without ever marrying. After spending 28 years together, Marvel star Don Cheadle got married to his long-time partner, Bridgid Colter. Although you might think that the union is a romantic gesture, it has a very funny and practical reason.

Don Cheadle explains Why He Married His Partner After 28 Years of Being Single

It seems that neither of the lovebirds had a grand, romantic proposal . Don Cheadle spoke to ET Online about Space Jam: A New Legacy. He explained that neither he nor his wife had planned to propose to each other. Here is what the actor said:

The accountant presented the numbers to us both and we agreed.

This is one accountant. Although it might seem strange that someone proposes marriage to a couple, it seems like the right thing for them. Although Don Cheadle was a great couple, and Bridgid coulter had a lot of love together, they also knew that marriage could bring many perks, as their accountant pointed out in their proposal.

Evidently, the accountant had brought up the possibility of marriage several times before the final proposal. Don Cheadle explained that his accountant was persistent in bringing up the possibility of a marriage between them. Cheadle's comments on this front are as follows:

It was brought up many times. We were both like "But we're already married?" He said, "Yeah, but that is a better reason to get together." It's actually because our accountant proposed to them. I wish there was some sweet romantic story but it just happened the first year.

Even though you may have been married for 20 years, it is still possible to be romantic. Don Cheadle claims that the romance between him and his wife began in the first year. This would make it more similar to the vow renewals many couples have years later. Even though their accountant proposed to them, it doesn’t mean that their romance has ended around their "practical" marriage. We wish them all the best as they begin this new chapter.

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