Inspired Entertainment Inc Set To Release New Mobile Slot Games

Inspired Entertainment Inc Set To Release New Mobile Slot Games

UK's Inspired Entertainment Inc recently announced the launch of their new mobile slot games Jin Chan Cash and Halloween Cash Pots.

Inspired Entertainment Inc has been in the business of creating great casino games since inception. They supply a wide range of gaming solutions ranging from casino games, virtual sports, interactive games, and game designs. You can find top casinos that offer games by Inspired Entertainment Inc to see more of their slots. Inspired Entertainment Inc is operational in 35 jurisdictions all over the world. They supply game systems to different companies that need game terminals in their establishments. They also create virtual sports games and distribute them to different game providers.

They have over 50,000 slot machines in different locations including pubs, gaming halls, and other operators; all offering a top-notch gaming experience. Inspired slots are highly interactive and high performing. The company offers a wide range of games including table games, scratch cards, casino slots, and branded games. To add to their wide variety of games, they are launching two new slot games October 12, Jin Chan Cash and Halloween Cash Pots.

Jin Chan Cash is based on the famous myth of Chinese Feng Shui - the Money Frog. The Money Frog represents prosperity. It attracts and protects wealth and protects whoever finds it against bad luck. This slot will be an entertaining one with incredible gameplay.

The Jin Chan Cash slot is a classic slot with 5 reels and 3 rows. It has 10 pay lines through which players can win in this game, and some amazing bonuses. One of the bonus features is the Spin Chance feature which rewards players with more spins, and therefore more opportunities to win bigger prizes. Another bonus is the Multi Cash Collector bonus.

The Halloween Cash Pots slot which will be released alongside the Jin Chan Cash slot is a very thrilling game which will keep the player on edge till the end of the game. The game has numerous bonuses, giving a player the chance to win big prizes. Like the Halloween theme on which it is based, this game is creepy, filled with mystery and lots of cash. One of the bonuses in Halloween Cash Pots is the Cash Collector Bonus which allows players to cash out big from the game. Another bonus in this game is also the Spin Chance which gives the player access more spins during the game.

The Halloween Cash Pots slots can be played with another slot like it, the Book of Halloween. There are lots of prizes to be won from these games.

The statement from the VP Interactive of Inspired Entertainment Inc, Claire Osborne, highlighting their excitement towards the release of this game is “We’re delighted to expand our growing international portfolio of highly engaging online and mobile slot games with the launch of Jin Chan Cash and Halloween Cash Pots. With the possibility of big cash prizes and plenty of free spins, these games will no doubt continue our great run of top-quality game launches.”

While we anticipate these new slots from Inspired Entertainment Inc, you can check out their existing slots and win from them. Some of these slots include Reel King Megaways, Centurion Maximum Winnus Megaways, Neon Pyramid, Viking Pays, Fruity Pays, Egyptian Pays and the numerous other games from Inspired Entertainment Inc. Also play their virtual slots and visit their physical gaming booths for an amazing gaming experience.

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