Is MuchBetter set to disturb the online payment industry?

It is essential for the punters to efficiently, safely, and quickly manage all their transactions to and from the online casino

Is MuchBetter set to disturb the online payment industry?

It is essential for the punters to efficiently, safely, and quickly manage all their transactions to and from the online casino. If the service is the least expensive, then we have a winner. However, many traditional financial providers are rigid when it comes to innovating and providing new solutions. So, even though they are not so prone to offering better services, they are more than happy to raise their fees. 

As a result, more and more players and online casino operators are exploring new payment options.  MuchBetter is one of those groundbreaking solutions that fully justifies its name! 

As a customer-oriented company, MuchBetter is devoted to providing world-class services to the clients, by harnessing best-in-class technology and evolving their own innovations. MuchBetter is one of those companies that use cutting-edge software and hardware to enhance its financial services and invent pioneering new features and services. 

MuchBetter eWallet app, alongside other products (wearable contactless payment devices: key-fob, or Much Better watch), has been developed by a team of fintech and iGaming experts. The company is spearheading innovations in payment technology, developing best-in-class digital financial solutions. As a result, MuchBetter eWallet is used in 185 countries and has over 150,000 active accounts.

Combining the latest technological development with financial services, focusing mainly on the iGaming industry, MuchBetter excelled in providing the best online payment services. MuchBetter has, therefore, become a popular payment method for many customers throughout the world.

This eWallet is becoming especially popular among punters who need a seamless, fast, and secure banking option to deposit and withdraw money. Hence, the number of MuchBetter online casinos is growing exponentially.  

So, why is MuchBetter eWallet head and shoulders above the competitors?

First: simplicity & fashionable wearables. MuchBetter makes payments fast and easy for both players and online casino providers. The app enables intuitive UX with quick account setup, easy in-app access to the winnings, flexible deposits & high deposit acceptance rates, and swift payouts. MuchBetter eWallet allows online and offline transactions across multiple devices, together with prepaid cards, peer-to-peer transfers, and wearable devices for contactless payments.

Second: security. The service is hack-proof as it utilizes top-notch security standards. MuchBetter applies biometrical elements for authentication, dynamic security code generation, phone number verification, Touch ID, pairing devices, and transaction review systems.

Third: lean costs. MuchBetter used for gaming has the lowest eWallet fees in the world. Those who have MuchBetter accounts can make all transactions for free and top-up the account via bank transfer with no charges either. If you use Bitcoin to top-up, the fee is 2%, while for transactions from your credit cards, you’ll pay 5%. The ATM withdrawal costs only 0.99%.

However, MuchBetter has developed a unique, most cost-efficient pricing model for the operators, which maximally minimizes payment processing costs. The net monthly deposit commercial model is the industry-specific solution. This is yet another reason why the number of MuchBetter casinos is on the rise. 

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