Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn reveal secrets to their 75-year marriage -- including 'Plenty Of Space'

Jimmy Carter said Good Morning America that he and Rosalynn have always been deeper in their love. This was ahead of their 75th wedding anniversary.

Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn reveal secrets to their 75-year marriage -- including 'Plenty Of Space'

As they celebrate 75 years together, Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter are highlighting some of the key ingredients that make their happy marriage work.

The 39th President of the United States, 96, and the former first lady,93, share their story and some of the secrets that have helped them weather the storms over the past 75 years.

"We have survived this long together because we give each other ample space to do our things," stated President Carter.

He explained that it works partly because they "share the most [they] can" when discussing their interests, such as fly fishing around world as "a major part [their] recreation."

Mrs. Carter stated, "We're always looking for things to do or find things that we can do together, such as fly fishing, bird watching, and just going to the pond to catch a fish."

A couple also shares a common bond by reading the Bible together for 60 years, even when they are apart. They try to not get angry at one another before going to bed each night.

President Carter stated, "When Rose is at home and I'm abroad , we both know that we're reading the exact same biblical text. It makes us think about the scriptures and admonition of God before we go to bed. It helps a lot.

The Carters are the longest-married couple in American history and President Carter called it "extraordinary"

He said, "It doesn't happen to many couples but it sure happened to us."

Jason Carter, the grandson of the couple, told PEOPLE in May that his grandparents were planning a big party with many of their friends over the years in Plains, Georgia this month in celebration of their milestone anniversary.

Jason, 45, said that a 75th-anniversary requires that there be many things right in one's life. "It's an incredible milestone."

GMA spoke with the couple about the party and shared with GMA that they would host it at Plains School. President Carter also gifted the diamond necklace to his wife with a "75” design that she hasn’t worn since it arrived.

He said that everything was in place so that there would be enough people to enjoy the celebration.

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