People Are Losing Their Minds Over Jensen Ackles's Long Hair In The Boys

We know men's grooming isn't precisely our specialty at Allure, however when a celebrity man's haircut breaks the entire damn net... well, it is merely our prerogative to join in on the thirst bandwagon.

People Are Losing Their Minds Over Jensen Ackles's Long Hair In The Boys

On June 7, actor Jensen Ackles shown his highly expected character Soldier Boy from the upcoming third period of The Boys -- and nobody is OK. Not only because this casting announcement has had comics fans on the edge of their chairs for almost annually, but since Ackles's hair and blossom are wholly different from the celebrity's perpetually clean-cut appearance.

If you know literally anything about Ackles, it is Dean Winchester. Among the chief characters in the struck CW series Supernatural, the pie-loving, gun-slinging demon hunter has required Ackles to keep a close-cropped haircut and mild beard for the greater part of the previous two decades. So, needless to say, it's been very weird and fantastic for fans watching his hair and beard get so long and dark whilst filming The Boys.

And these official Soldier Boy portraits completely broke the long-hair thirst dam. Just take a quick glimpse through TikTok or Twitter and try not to marvel in just how scrambled people's brains are. His Instagram remarks are a gold mine all on their own. "BREAK MY BACK LIKE A GLOWSTICK SIR."

There are an array of photos and videos on Ackles's social networking accounts for those looking for much more resilient Jensen content, incidentally. Could we interest you in a video of him absolutely crushing bicep curls with much longer hair and a big, bushy beard? We thought so.

If you ask us, we're all for Ackles keeping this mountain-man Soldier Boy look for the indefinite future, particularly after seeing him with the exact same style for 15 years. Anyhow -- Amazon Prime, you would like to give us that season three release date or not?

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