The United States and Poland are in negotiations to send fighter jets into Ukraine

After speaking via Zoom with Ukraine's president and other U.S. legislators, they urged the White House for help to Kyiv acquire fighter jets from its Eastern European neighbours.

The United States and Poland are in negotiations to send fighter jets into Ukraine

A spokesperson for the White House said that the Biden administration is in talks with Poland to discuss a possible agreement to provide Soviet-era fighter aircrafts to Ukraine.

This deal would see Poland donate its Russian-made MiG fighters, to Ukraine, and then replace them with U.S-made F-16 jets.

A spokesperson for the White House stated that they are consulting with NATO allies and working with the Poles in this matter.

Sunday's confirmation by Secretary of State Antony Blinken that discussions are ongoing, but with no specific timing, was made by Antony Blinken.

"We are actively looking into the question of Polish airplanes for Ukraine, and how we might be in a position to support them should they decide to do so. . . "We supply these planes," Blinken stated at a news conference in Moldova during his visit.

"How fast might that happen?" "I can't give a time frame."

Volodymyr Zelenskyy , President of Ukraine, made an urgent appeal during a call to more than 300 members Congress for fighter jets as well as other military aid to stop invading Russian troops.

Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) stated in a Tweet that "His main request was for the U.S.A to allow Poland to transfer Soviet-era jets from #Ukraine and for the U.S.A to compensate by giving those two NATO allies more advanced planes."

The government of Ukraine is interested in Soviet-era planes, as its military pilots have been trained to fly them and are familiar with the aircraft.

After meeting with Antony Blinken, Secretary of State, at the Poland-Ukraine border, Dmytro Kuleba was able to call on the West to supply Kyiv warplanes in order to defend Ukraine.

After meeting Blinken, Kuleba said that it was no secret that fighter jets, attack planes and air-defense system are in high demand.

Kuleba said, "If we lose our skies, there will more blood on the soil."

According to a spokesperson for the White House, Poland could decide whether to transfer fighter planes to Ukraine.

"That is a sovereign decision that any country can make. The spokesperson stated that we have no objection to Poland transferring planes from Ukraine.

According to the spokesperson, there are "a lot of difficult practical questions," such as how planes will get to Ukraine.

After listening to Zelenskyy's testimony, lawmakers strongly supported Ukraine's request for fighter jet access and urged the White House immediately to take swift action to ensure Kyiv had it.

Sen. Senator.

NATO members Poland and Slovakia have announced that they are prepared to replace older Soviet-era aircraft like the MiG-29 or the Su-25 with newer fighters such the U.S.-made F-16 aircraft.

Portman stated that the Ukrainians have been assured that they would donate their aircraft if they were given assurances and a timeline that they will be allowed advanced American aircraft within a reasonable timeframe.

A request for comment was not received from the Embassy of Poland in Washington.

Josep Borrell (the E.U.'s chief of foreign policy) indicated that some member countries were willing to send fighter jets and other weapons to Ukraine last weekend. However, EU officials later refuted the statements.


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