5 Simple Tips to Help Everyone Adopt and Benefit from Online Medical Services

One of the major problems that are faced by telehealth or any type of online medical service

5 Simple Tips to Help Everyone Adopt and Benefit from Online Medical Services

One of the major problems that are faced by telehealth or any type of online medical service is the fact that people are often very reluctant to try it out. When it comes to health or health of their loved people don’t really like to try out new things because they are afraid of the risks involved. This was the problem that was reported by many employers who tried to implement a telehealth system in their organizations. However, following are some of the ways by using which they were able to make people understand the benefits of telehealth services and integrate the system fully in their organizations. These tips can similarly be used to help other people adopt and benefit from these online medical services

1. Offer Comprehensive Telehealth Training

Most of the time people don’t take advantage of their telehealth visits, why? Because some of the people are unaware of the fact that their benefits package covers it. Or maybe more often than not, employees have no idea about how versatile telemedicine is.

Employers should have a clear idea about the basics: what conditions can telemedicine treat, how can I access it, and which providers are offered? They should know that can even make a telehealth appointment in a cough and flu season.

2. Include Telehealth in the Onboarding Process

Some people work in professional services firms where they have to travel for work on a weekly basis. A major part of the onboarding process for these people is to opt for telemedicine so that they can easily call for a virtual doctor appointment whenever they need it, whether they are traveling or are at home.

3. Demystify Differences between Telehealth and Telephone

There’s a common misconception in our society that telehealth and telephone visits are the same thing. Therefore, Patients usually wonder: How is the doctor going to know my issue, if he can’t see me?

Reality is a completely different thing. Video visits are just like personal house visits by a doctor, only without the geographical limitation. Through video, the patient can see the face of an empathetic doctor whereas the doctor can observe the nuances of patient nonverbal cues, which tells them about the needs of the patient.

4. Destigmatize Mental Health Offerings

Create awareness among the people that online medical services also offer mental health treatment. Despite the fact that many of the health care providers and health care packages offer access to therapists, there’s still a huge stigma attached around getting proper mental health treatment. By telling people, that you can consult a therapist through Telehealth, you’re providing them with the opportunity of talking to a psychiatrist at home.

5. Focus on Family Friendliness

Is your office culture family friendly? Try to talk to the parents and let them know that telehealth also covers their kids as well and operates in different time zones and allows the parents to book on spot easy-to-schedule, last minute appointments that can be well adjusted into their hectic, on-the-go lifestyles.

Date Of Update: 27 February 2019, 15:01

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