6 Bad Habits You Need To Break

We all have certain things that we just do, even if we know that it’s not the best thing for us

6 Bad Habits You Need To Break

We all have certain things that we just do, even if we know that it’s not the best thing for us. Maybe it’s something as simple as biting your nails, or not calling back your parents back, but the bottom line is that we all have unwanted habits we’d like to shake. Some of us have the horrible habit of overthinking and overanalyzing––this snowballs and causes more stress and anxiety. Implementing CBD + CBG oil by CBDfx has eradicated this habit for many people already, but what about those other habits we need to work on getting rid of ? We mentally toss things around when we’re trying to figure out what’s best for us. What about those bad habits we’ve embedded into our DNA over the years? They’re habits now and habits are hard to break, furthermore, many of us aren’t able to fully recognize why those habits have become so routine for us. It’s a vicious cycle, but you can find your way out. Here are 6 habits that you need to get rid of and never look back!


How will you ever get anything done if you don’t believe in yourself? Have you ever had what you thought was a brilliant idea, but later decided it wasn’t so brilliant? This is what happens when self-doubt creeps in and takes over your motivation and positivity. Self-doubt stems from low self-esteem in a way that makes you question every little thing you do. Is it good enough? Will they like what I’ve done? Are they laughing at me? Don’t doubt yourself. Paint a positive self-portrait of yourself and hang onto it. Whenever doubt tries to creep in, combat it with positive self-talk!


Maybe you’ve heard that you get back what you put out? So, if you’re constantly complaining about all the “bad things” in your life, or just complaining about any and everything that comes your way; you’re going to get all of that back! A good way to try kick this habit is by stopping yourself right in your own tracks. The next time you hear yourself starting to complain, turn it into a positive. Life isn’t about dwelling on the negative experiences––focus on finding the positive in every situation and make a new habit of it!

Social Media

Honestly, how easy is it to look up and find that you’ve been scrolling through any given timeline for over an hour? It’s insane but very true! Most of us have even put the phone down and before we know it––we’re scrolling again! If this sounds like you, you might need to do a social media detox. A 2-3 day social media detox can help you break the current bad habit and replace that time with more productive habits. You might even have to go in and actually delete the apps so you don’t find yourself there somehow. Once you’ve done the initial detox you can follow it up by setting time limits for yourself! If you have an iphone they have the option to set limits for every app in the phone, but can you stick to your self imposed limit? This is a hard one, but you shall prevail!


Let’s be honest, quarantine has made us even more lazy or sent us through so much boredom that we finally decided to get up off of our butts and be productive! Unfortunately, it hasn’t been the latter for the bulk of society. We’ve all been eating snack after snack, complaining about our weight, and binge watching our favorite shows on Netflix. Breaking the habit of laziness is probably one of the hardest things to do! So, to start, try to make a list of 2-3 productive things you’d like to get done each day. You can increase or decrease your list depending on the intensity of your habit! Once you start knocking things off your list you’ll like the feeling of productivity compared to just sitting around and watching the time pass you by!

Hanging On To Toxic Relationships

If you haven’t encountered any toxicity in your life consider yourself extremely blessed! Dealing with toxic people and trying to come out of toxic relationships can be difficult. It can create trauma and deep-rooted issues that you’ll have to really dig into and work on. It’s hard for many of us to understand what a healthy relationship even looks like because we weren’t given the best examples growing up. So, what we’ve always normalized isn't normal at all. If you’re in any kind of relationship or friendship that leaves you feeling anxious and bad about the situation all the time that could be a sign of a toxic relationship. Or maybe the relationship just feels draining all the time, or it’s hostile, or there is no trust––these are all signs it’s time to let them go! There’s more literature you can read up on regarding toxic people and relationships if you think you’re in one. 


Bad habits are something we all develop from as early as childhood and carry into adulthood with us. Sometimes it can be as simple as procrastination, but sometimes it can be more serious like holding onto toxic people and relationships. None of these habits are great for personal development, so we’ve got to think about how to stop them right in their tracks and turn that negative into a positive! 

Date Of Update: 11 June 2020, 08:23

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