5 Stunning Nature Attractions You Should Visit in Bangalore

Searching for cheap flight tickets from Delhi to Bangalore but don’t know what to see there once you land up in the silicon valley

5 Stunning Nature Attractions You Should Visit in Bangalore

Searching for cheap flight tickets from Delhi to Bangalore but don’t know what to see there once you land up in the silicon valley of India? Don’t worry folks; we have got a great itinerary planned for you!

If you think that Bangalore is just a bustling city like Delhi, then get ready to be surprised with our list of bewitching nature attractions of Bangalore. A trip to these popular tourist attractions will make you feel rejuvenated and stress-free. So, don’t waste your time now and read ahead.

Here are five stunning nature attractions you should visit in Bangalore:

1.Bannerghatta National Park

Established in 1971, Bannerghatta national park is no less than nature’s abode. Just drive down to this stunning national park which is just 22 km away from Bangalore, and you can get the chance to see India’s first butterfly park as well. Some other attractions of Bannerghatta National Park include a zoo, crocodile farm, children’s park, aquarium, museum and snake park among others. And guys, you can also opt for a jungle safari here and get the chance to see a varied collection of wildlife.  If you are a nature lover and budding photographer, then do not miss this opportunity and get some of the best clicks for your portfolio! 

2.Ulsoor Lake

Adorning the heart of the city, this iconic lake is like nature’s gift to the busy city life. The green surroundings, the cool waters and the refreshing air, everything near Ulsoor Lake make it the picture-perfect spot to fall in love with nature again. Have a nice picnic here and also enjoy the boat rides! 

3.Lalbagh Botanical Gardens

This is a must-visit place on every traveller who arrives in Bangalore. With nearly 1,854 species of plants, the garden is a heaven for nature lovers. Another attractive thing about the park is its famous glass house which hosts an annual flow show every year. Get the schedule and try to book your cheap flights tickets from Bangalore to Delhi around that time and witness the great show. You can also enjoy your time at the beautiful lake and aquarium built inside the garden. Moreover, it is not just the beautiful plants and flowers but also the adorable birds that make this garden one of the five stunning natural attractions in Bangalore. 

4.Cubbon Park

Another pretty park of Bangalore, Cubbon Park is known for its immense greenery. It traces its origin back to the year 1870 when it was established by the then acting Commissioner of Mysore, Sri John Meade. Since then the park has witnessed various renovations and today adorns over 300 acres of land with nature’s beauty. It also houses the Bangalore Aquarium which is known to be India’s second largest aquarium. It also has some other major structures including Cubbon Park Museum, Attara Kacheri and Sheshadri Iyer Memorial Park. 

5.Chunchi falls

Finally a waterfall in the list! And not just a small one as this one falls from a height of almost 50 feet nurtured by the river Arkavati. This breath-taking waterfall is situated 83 km away from Bangalore on the way to Mekedatu and Sangama. Nestled in the lap of nature, this waterfall is best to spend a peaceful day on the last day of your trip. There is also a watchtower from where you can get a panoramic view of the lush greenery around the place. You can also trek till the waterfall and give the trek freak in you a chance to soak in the beauty around.

Jotted them down? Very good, now book those tickets and start packing. Have a happy trip!

Date Of Update: 16 March 2019, 19:50

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