The 'bound' and 'unreal' forgiveness of the Great Wyoming and Dani Mateo at the expense of the snot and the flag of Spain

Boycott the bar of Dani Mateo in Madrid after his 'sketch' Ana Morgade also blew her nose with the flag of Spain Several brands withdraw advertising c

The 'bound' and 'unreal' forgiveness of the Great Wyoming and Dani Mateo at the expense of the snot and the flag of Spain

Boycott the bar of Dani Mateo in Madrid after his 'sketch'

Ana Morgade also blew her nose with the flag of Spain

Several brands withdraw advertising contracts with Dani Mateo

The wedding of Dani Mateo is also receiving threats

does Not offend who it wants, but who can, and Dani Mateo, The Intermediate, the Great Wyoming, and The Sixth could. I'm sure that last Thursday when the comedian (can keep calling as well?) he picked up the flag of Spain and pretended that it sounded like a runny nose no one of the people that were there imagined them coming over. Humor, they say, mortal sin, others say... The truth is that be that as it may, this has left the mother.

Both the own Dani Matthew recognized this Monday morning in the String to Be what is happening, "bad, very bad" because they have crossed the boundaries of what is personal and has received threats to not only him but his nearest environment. They spent a thread, but the rest also. Sponsorships outside, collaborations out, advertising out and the social networks 'on fire'. Oh, social networking! Have more danger than a monkey with two guns.

The pressure has been absolute, both for the satirist and for the program, as for the string. A pressure that had two ways to solve: or you liabas the blanket to the head and in the first program after the controversial 'sketch' the liabas more brown if it fits, or reculabas, te bajabas pants, reconocías the error, you asked for apologies, apelabas the mood and the sun comes through Antequera.

oh, But it is still humor when you're forced to ask for forgiveness? Humor is not have to never say I'm sorry (irony, please). But he asked for forgiveness, apparently, a forgiveness "honest", of truth, of those that come out from the inside because I never wanted to offend anyone and because her mood does not want tension. From the outside, in front of the tv, sounded like a forgiveness forced by the circumstances, to forced, unreal, I was wrong, but... Thoughts of mine. We take with smoking paper.

So last night there was more of the second than of the first. In a start unprecedented in The Intermediate, the Great Wyoming was trying to joke with the news that the last few days that has made headlines, columns and information: "the flame that is mounted in a car." Again, the humor, that humor characteristic of its program, which can do more or less grace, but that is neither new nor surprising.

nor was wiping the boogers on the flag of Spain, isn't it Ana Morgade? Because Ana Morgade also used the handkerchief to the flag, on the same channel and also by humor, and with much less pain to the zapatiesta now. So what has changed? We?

it Was time to remove iron to the topic, to give you the importance of fair and needed (a lot), attempting to soften the mood... Difficult, I had a very difficult. So chose what works best for you, I read a few excuses, you put a little bit of humor (not too much and not going to put the sails again), I muchito the fool, and here peace and then glory.

I say that last night the Great Wyoming had a guy under the table pellizcándole the calves to apologize and do penance and to me I think. Gesture stiff, uncomfortable, forced, forced, faked, tax, in short, required, or because the that has fallen over...

"Spanish, before reviewing the current information I see in the obligation to address a theme, the theme. As you know from last Thursday the whole of Spain has been crippled by an issue that has generated a debate unprecedented in all media and especially on social networks. I mean, as you know, the news of the call comes into a taxi in Peru. A llama in a taxi! How amazing, right? Until now I had thought that the only taxi that could be of interest to a flame was the taxidermist (Laughter forced) Yes, this joke has no grace, right? And this is not the first time that happens in this program." And so started what many were waiting for since last Thursday: the first words of the program, the Large Wyoming and, therefore, of The Sixth after the shit the monumental flag, the paracetamol, the Constitution, and the mother who gave birth to them.

he Tried to put a touch of humor to a controversy that is not taking grace for them and for those who have felt offended, which there are many. How is it possible that Dani Mateo ultrajara with your boogers the flag of Spain? In what world do we live? Is this the tv that we want? You could write so many and so many questions. I think that since the discovery of the Higgs Boson nothing had generated so many questions.

Where are the limits? Then where it says Twitter. In addition to the little bird. Because Twitter is now the new Inquisition. "I ended up doing the 'sketch' and I thought 'oh God Twitter'", said this Monday Dani Mateo. Oh, there you dao!

And then came the redemption of The Intermediate, of Wyoming, Dani Mateo, the writers and Atresmedia (better to redeem himself than continue to lose advertising contracts and continue to harm the image of the chain. With what we have been and what we have left): "last Thursday, Dani Matthew starred in a 'sketch' with the flag of Spain, which angered a lot of people. The Intermediate wants to emphasize that there was no political motive nor any positioning publishing house behind it, was simply humor. But if the joke has not worked, if instead of provoking laughter has caused tension social, it is evident that this is a gag failed and, therefore, we have no problem in asking sincere apologies to all those who have felt offended". Ave Maria Purisima... conceived Without sin. Three Parents Our and house missed that you were told.

"throughout these 12 years, and almost 2,000 programs, The Intermediate has offered everything. Bad jokes, jokes, regular jokes, funny jokes good and jokes good... Okay, I didn't remember any of this last category. The only times I laugh is at the end of the month when I see the zeros that have my payroll -¡Zas in all the mouth!-. Be that as it may we insist that our intention was not to offend and what is certain is that this controversy has resulted in several injustices. The first, messes, and entanglements in which it has been enveloped by The Sixth; the second, the relentlessness that is suffering these days our team mate Dani Mateo, which has now come even to the personal level: and the third, and worst of all, is that once again I have had to face by him."

And then came out of the cave, Dani Mateo. Is placed to the left of the father, and, again, appealed to the humor because for them it is the only real defense they have left. "Come here, metegambas. You have already been past the cold. I see that all of a sudden", he extended his hand to the Great Wyoming. "At once," replied a lobillo with the tail between the legs. "Now just sip the snot". Better, and if you the you sound it with the sleeve of the shirt, that is not the oven for rolls.

"I didn't even write the 'scketches'. Or that I am even more foolish than what they believe. But yes, I would like to say that I don't want to point out to the writers. They are not to blame, nor even the one that wrote it... Maximilian Carrascosa, who lives on the street Campillos Above no. 8 5º Derecha". Because the humor had to continue, because the redemption does not have to be torture (although for Dani Mateo what is being), because in the end, The Intermediate is a program of humor, with more or less grace, with more or less success, but a comedy, made by comedians and captained by one of them.

"I, for my part, I must say that I will continue giving my life to the humor." And sanseacabó. Indeed, the humor. Because the controversial sketch where Matthew was reading from a lectern in the "prospectus of the Frenadol" and then fake a sneeze and blow your nose with what hand I had in that moment (and that he had written in the script of the program), the flag of Spain, was humor.

A mood that crossed the line of what is respectful and what is offensive and just at that precise moment ceased to be humor, but that as he read the Great Wyoming bear not any political motive, but that was intended, they have insured the condemned, to remove tension and anger to a social context in which each time are more and more things that offend.

Several brands advertising have cancelled their agreements with The Sixth, the programme and Dani Mateo; networks are burning since last Thursday as if the fire were burning witches in Salem (again); the comedians swamp Matthew; TV3 is the sound of snot up in the Catalan flag; patriotism is in levels of the World of Football; we all love our flag and hate the bad jokes. There is nothing new, but as if it was because, "there are wrongs that we inflict and offenses that we do our".

Yes, for many it was an offense, but for others, it was simply humor, and bad. That is the freedom of expression: to be able to do a 'sketch' in which the actor simulates blowing the snot on the flag of Spain and not end up judged and condemned.

Free we are all, those who did, those who laughed with him (surely a few), those who were offended and they decided in that exact moment detuning your tv The Sixth. Because that is the freedom that gives us the country in which we live.

there has Not been a trial with a jury, gowns or heck, but yes there has been public ridicule. This is also freedom, but as said Jean-Paul Sartre, "my freedom ends where begins that of the others." What fallacy?, what reality? what fundamental principle?, do paripé? Criticize Dani Mateo, the Great Wyoming, to The Intermediate, to The Sixth and to what you want, but do not cross the thin line that they crossed themselves when they thought that blowing the snot in the Spanish flag generaría debate, but no offense.

Offended and are already paying for. Dani Mateo up on the personal level with threats and insults; The Sixth, in his pocket; the Great Wyoming, in his being; and, in short, everyone in our freedom. What Humor or offense? Does freedom or excess? Can we choose?"We are not obligated to punish those who offend us, but to advise the amendment of their crimes" (Miguel de Cervantes)

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Date Of Update: 09 November 2018, 08:00

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