These Restaurants do not forget

A trip to the most unusual Restaurants in the world – this is a new guide from the DuMont publishing house promises to be. Whether in the airy heights, or below

These Restaurants do not forget

A trip to the most unusual Restaurants in the world – this is a new guide from the DuMont publishing house promises to be. Whether in the airy heights, or below the surface of the sea, in the middle of the forest or on a desert island: if you like his visit to a restaurant in a spectacular Setting, finds Inspiration here. We introduce you to some of the Restaurants.

underwater Restaurant in Norway
The first underwater restaurant in Europe with modern first Nordic architecture and interior design. While Dining in the "Under" to look through a large window to the Goings-on in the North sea.

The Restaurant "Under" in Lindesnes, Norway.

cave feeling in Kenya
Gaumenschmaus in the cave – there is in Kenya at Ali Barbour. Candlelight creates a romantic atmosphere and a big hole in the ceiling, a clear view of the sky.

Ali Barbour in Kenya

Chinese cuisine for dizziness free
Nothing for people with fear of heights, the Fangweng Restaurant in China's Yichang is. Just getting there requires courage; a adventurous on to the rocks along built the bridge to the table. A magnificent view of the gorge and the Yangtze river is the backdrop.

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Rustic Do-it-yourself in Sweden
connected to Nature, are currently in Sweden at their expense, and across the country. With the Initiative "A country Restaurant" is the national tourism organisation of tables in the middle of the nature. The star chefs created menus to cook themselves, with local ingredients. Scout feeling ahoy!

Dive in the Maldives
Not only in Norway, also in the Maldives, it can be under the surface of the sea posh dining. In the "Undersea Restaurant" the Hurawalhi Resorts, a colorful reef to afford residents the palate society. Possible a glass tunnel of the in six meters depth.

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???? #Repost @kudadoomaldives ??? When the sun sets, an even more magical atmosphere abounds at 5.8 Undersea Restaurant @hurawalhi Treat yourself to a fine dining extravaganza with jaw-dropping view of the nocturnal marine life of the action just minutes from your residence at Kudadoo. . . . . #kudadoo #kudadoomaldives #hurawalhi #hurawalhimaldives #underwater world #underwater restaurant #undersea restaurant #fine dining #table fortwo #dinner date #love #romantic Cape #romantic dinner #howdeepisyourlove #50bestrestaurants #mykindofplace #Smith hotels #maldives #Maldives fine dining #Maldivian resorts #Maldives island #resorts #hotels #private island #luxury life #luxury travel #luxury resorts

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Morbid feast in India
a virtue Out of necessity, a restaurant owner has made in the Indian city of Ahmedabad. The purchased property was used as a cemetery, should not stop him from his plans. Therefore, you can dine in the "New Lucky Restaurant" in the presence of FILIAL piety with steel bars protected green stone sarcophagi and anonymous graves.

flight feeling without lifting
A disused Boeing 737 is used for all of those as a Restaurant, the miss the flight Feeling. The service staff wears airline uniforms, the tight rows, pull up a chair seat – luckily – a fine Leather seats and tables left. To find Lily Airways is "" in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Dinner on The Rock
in Front of the coast of Zanzibar (Tanzania) there is a small, urchiger island dream. As simple cottage with a natural thatched roof, the Restaurant "The Rock nestles" on a sea-sculpted natural rock. Only accessible with a small boat, from the arrival of Robinson Crusoe-Feeling.

The Rock in Zanzibar, Tanzania

food behind bars
Restaurante Interno in Cartagena in Colombia, a social project for the Inmates of the women's prison in San Diego is. Anyone who eats here, contributes to the training and thus a second Chance after the dismissal of women workers. At the same time the income for a more pleasant design of the prison are used in everyday life.

Four times Switzerland
Also, Switzerland has made it into the list of the "100 most insane Restaurants", and the same four Times. The 3100 Kulmhotel Gornergrat in Zermatt, the Sky-Dinner in Grindelwald, the Schlössli Wörth with a spectacular view over the Rhine case and of course the perennial Liming in Weissbad (AI) are represented in the newly published travel guide.

The book To the table! A trip to the most unusual Restaurants in the world appeared in the DuMont travel Verlag, and 10. December available in stores.

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