Wanderlust: The top 20 most beautiful mountain restaurants in Switzerland - views,

The panorama restaurant Alpen tower Hasliberg, BE, opens on may 13. June High above the Haslital valley at 2250 meters above sea level, the panoramic restaur

Wanderlust: The top 20 most beautiful mountain restaurants in Switzerland - views,
The panorama restaurant Alpen tower Hasliberg, BE,

opens on may 13. June

High above the Haslital valley at 2250 meters above sea level, the panoramic restaurant Alpen tower is perched. With a 360-degree view on the Alps, it is a beautiful place to Enjoy. The Breakfast buffet is plentiful and very fine.

- Regula Zogu

mountain restaurant, Faulhorn, Grindelwald, BE,

opens from 27. June

Breathtaking views, authentic Swiss cuisine, spend the night like old times in a beautiful old wooden beds. Without running water, with a beautiful water pitcher and bowls. Here there are the most beautiful sunsets. The mountain restaurant is a secret, what it should be actually ...

- Simon Dummermuth

Restaurant Moosalp, Törbel VS


The Restaurant is located at 2048 meters above sea level. The Moosalp is basically beautiful, as well as the mountain restaurant itself. As a result of various specialties (such as the cream cuts) is the mountain restaurant in the whole of Switzerland and beyond the borders. Here is a super Service with several awards. From the Lounge you can overlook the mischabel mountain range with several four-thousand. In the Winter as in the summer a top destination and a wonderful mountain restaurant.

- Kurt Briggeler

mountain economy Alpgschwänd, Hergiswil NW


The mountain restaurant with excellent cuisine has its own panoramic train, which is served by the Restaurant. From here you have fantastic views over the lake of Lucerne.

Beatrice Oehninger

Tschinglen economy, Tschinglen-Alp GL

opens on 1. June

My favorite mountain restaurant, the Tschinglen economy. It is located above the Elm in the beautiful Canton of Glarus. If you want to go Hiking, you can do that. If not, you have to take the gondola. In the Restaurant there is always fresh and homemade tarts and cakes – and a lot of nice people. If you like, you can hike from there to a Martinsmad hut.

- Marcel Maspoli

mountain restaurant Chäserstatt, Ernen, VS


At 1777 metres above sea level, the mountain restaurant Chäserstatt is. Here you'll find friendly hosts, great views, delicious food and an ambience with a lot of charm.

Pius bird

the mountain Inn jam Bern, Rüte AI


view of the Appenzellerland, the Rhine valley, Austria, the Principality of Liechtenstein and the Bodensee to the Rhine valley. Excellent wild game buffet and other specialties. The mountain is not crowded, a real insider's tip!

Ralph Dietsche

mountain restaurant Sillerenbühl, Adelboden, BE,

opens on may 13. June

The view is breathtaking, the food delicious, the service extremely friendly. Also YB and other sports goods food clubs already in the Restaurant. Probably the best mountain restaurant in the Bernese Oberland!

- Reto Probst

Berggasthaus Seealpsee, Wasserauen, AI


Super-positioned to use it. The host family is incredibly innovative, the card is simply a dream, and the place just magical.

- Thomas Biascotto

you Hotel, Zermatt, VS

opens on may 28. June

There is because best Apple pie. The view is beautiful. Because you get there only by foot (steep path) is not swarming, it is also of sneakers tourists.

Chantal Syz

Grotto Osteria Borei, Brissago TI


The Restaurant above the Lago Maggiore has a beautiful view and to eat typical traditional cuisine from the Ticino region. Very friendly hosts, led.

- Andreas Gaiardelli

Berghotel Oeschinensee, Kandersteg LOADING


The mountain restaurant and hotel is owned and operated by family Wandfluh lies on top of the oeschinen lake. It is in the best-selling travel guide "1000 places to see before you die" (performed in English: 1000 places you must have seen in his life). A family business since generations. Good Service, stunning surroundings.

Seriously Aschwanden

Alpine Halsegg, semi-SZ


The Alpine Halsegg is located at 1340 meters above sea level, at the end of Ross mountain, above the saddle in the Canton of Schwyz. Small but fine is the Motto – hospitality is included.

- Adrian Steinmann

Berggasthaus Chrüzegg, Wattwil SG


The Chrüzegg is beautifully situated and offers views of lake Zurich and the mountains. The food is excellent, and very reasonably priced. In order to reach the mountain guest-house, not have to drive for hours. In addition, many possible Hiking routes are available: from Goldingen, Libingen, Wattwil, or Mosnang from within walking distance. Simply super!

- Jürg Nüesch

Berggasthaus Mesmer, Wasserauen, AI


The Berggasthaus Mesmer is located in the Alpstein above the Seealpsees. Especially a restaurant like this mountain that is not crowded such as Liming. It's not usually a lot of people. The Restaurant is separated a bit and there you need to want to go, otherwise you will pass is not so simple. In addition, they serve honestly the best hash Browns in the Alpstein!

- Nicolas Hütter

the mountain Inn Sennis-Alp, Walenstadt, SG,


The Restaurant is located on the trail Palfries, and is by Shuttle or on the trail of the palfries railway in Ragnatsch/Mels accessible. Wonderful views of the cliffs of the churfirsten mountains, good food, good wines, very friendly service and a beautiful old Spa house.

- Edith Bishop

the mountain Inn Liming, Weissbad, AI


My favourite mountain restaurant is, of course, the Aescher. Reason: the Rösti is a Hit, right Swiss Beiz, momol. (Editor's note. the editors: Since this year, new tenants lead the mountain Inn Liming. The popular hash Browns you offer in the Restaurant. There riebel maize and Boiled.)

Rolf Lehner

mountain economy Rinderweid, Holderbank SO -

open a

The host Oski hard Meier makes the best meat specialties on the Grill. Cozy Restaurant and good Partner of the nature Park Thal.

- Benedict Fluri

Gasthaus Alp Scheidegg, Wald ZH

opened pre-registration for the Restaurant

desired The Gasthaus Alp Scheidegg is the highest Restaurant in the Canton of Zurich. Fantastic views (in the Winter mostly fog-free), good and wholesome food, adapted to the environment. A Must – not only for Zurich!

- Bruno Spörri

Restaurant Hohtschuggen, Grächen, VS

opens in mid-June

At the extreme corner in a steep wall in Grächen, the Restaurant is Hohtschuggen. The breathtaking view makes you shiver. Here you will find the best Raclette (hey, we are in the Valais!) and then a homemade Cream cake with more cream than cuts!

- Peter Bellakovics

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