A 65-year old retiree has left the U.S. to go to Mexico

Mornings are my favorite time of the day. This is still true here in Mazatlan in Mexico, where I retired in 2006 from California.

A 65-year old retiree has left the U.S. to go to Mexico

I wake up bright-eyed, bushy-tailed when the nesting swallows start to chirr outside my bedroom windows at 6 a.m. So that my coffee is ready for me to pour into a glass of ice the next morning, I prepare it the night before.

With coffee in my hand, I slip into my flip-flops and walk half a block to the shore to see the waves. If the conditions are favorable, I might go surfing. If not, I may stroll along the beach or go for a swim.

Here's how my day in Mazatlan looks, including what I eat, do and how much I spend.

Waves, walks... and some writing

There's an 8-mile-long malecon that runs along Mazatlan's beachfront. Early in the morning, there's a special camaraderie. The cool morning air is a great place to exercise, whether you're jogger, dog-walker, cyclist, fisherman, or a surfer.

Breakfast is my favorite meal. Juevos Rancheros con Salsa verde is my go-to breakfast at my favorite cafe. It's usually served with a second cup of iced coffee. It's so cheap (120 Mexican pesos/$6 US Dollars including tip), that I often wonder why anyone would cook it.

Many places offer free Wi-Fi so I often bring my laptop with me to check my emails or do some work. Despite being retired, I still freelance write about expat topics and promote my book.

Grocery shopping: Fantastic fruit and fresh fish

I go food shopping once a week.You can find them at many different locations.

A liter of fresh orange juice (60 Pesos/$3) purchased from a stand nearby my apartment, a loaf delicious whole grain sourdough (65 Pesos/$3) purchased from a local bakery, and fresh fish like sea bass (50 Pesos/$2.50 a pound) cleaned and filled at a beach stand where fishermen bring their catch.

tiendita is a small grocery store that I frequent. It stocks everything you need, including fresh produce, detergent, and homemade tamales. Once you have decided what you want for dinner, it's very convenient to quickly find the missing ingredients.

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