Checklist: The first holiday with a baby: This is how a trip is as stress-free as possible

Regardless of whether you prefer to stay in a hotel, on a campsite or in a holiday apartment - every trip must be planned in advance.

Checklist: The first holiday with a baby: This is how a trip is as stress-free as possible

Regardless of whether you prefer to stay in a hotel, on a campsite or in a holiday apartment - every trip must be planned in advance. This not only applies to the type of accommodation, but also to the arrival and thus the destination. If your baby is still infancy, a summer holiday in the Mediterranean might not be the best choice. The enormous heat and intense sunlight can be very stressful for small children. But parents won't enjoy going on a strenuous city trip by car either. An interface should be found here that is both baby-friendly and offers a relaxing holiday for the rest of the family. To make planning easier for you, the most important points are summarized in detail for you in the following checklist.

In theory, you can also plan your next vacation with a newborn, but long-distance travel by plane right after the birth is not recommended. If, on the other hand, you want to go on holiday by car, a journey of several hours is quite possible - however, very few parents with a baby dare to do it, which is understandable. After all, many families use the initial time to get to know each other better and get used to it. In any case, it is important that your baby is healthy and alert if you want to plan a trip together. So there is no right or wrong time for a holiday with a baby, but parental leave is a good idea.

Not only the time, but also the travel destination plays an important role in vacation planning. Because babies and small children can react much more sensitively to climatic changes. Particularly hot countries are not the best choice just after birth, as an infant's skin should not be exposed to strong sunlight for the first 12 months. In addition, the more exotic the country, the more exotic the diseases are. If you have not yet had any experience with foreign countries and cultures, your first holiday with a baby in Germany is definitely the better choice. In addition: Especially in times of the Corona crisis, traveling is more difficult than ever. And in this country there is also a large number of beautiful destinations for families with babies.

AutoAktuell, many families prefer to take their own car to go on vacation. As a result, they are more flexible in terms of time, can take more luggage with them and keep to themselves during the outward and return journey. Depending on whether the holiday with a baby is to take place in Germany or in another country, the journey can take a long time and be very tiring for everyone involved. In any case, plan enough breaks so that all fellow travelers can stretch their legs regularly. Also think about a suitable sun protection for the back seat so that your children can sit in the shade on hot days.

Train Probably the biggest advantage for parents when traveling by train is that their children up to the age of 5 (from the age of six to 14 when accompanied) can travel for free. On top of that, traveling by train can be relatively cheap – provided you book early enough – and hassle-free too. If you choose a night train with a sleeper compartment, you can even lie down during the journey and don't have to do anything but wait. Otherwise, there are also special compartments for families with small children for day trips. The disadvantages include that you have to reckon with overcrowded carriages, delays or even train cancellations during the holiday season.

AirplaneNo other means of transport is able to cover such long distances in such a short time. Traveling by plane allows you to explore far-flung countries that you would otherwise never reach - and of course that comes at a price. Depending on the airline, babies can fly for free or cheaper, but that still doesn't make the holiday affordable. Added to this are the cramped spaces and increased pressure on the ears, which small children are not yet able to consciously compensate for. This can cause a lot of noise, especially when taking off and landing. And the sometimes icy air conditioning on the plane should not be underestimated.

Documents: Even infants now need a passport including a biometric photo if they want to spend their holidays abroad. Plan enough in advance (we're talking about several weeks here) to apply for the passport at the residents' registration office so that it can be completed in good time. In addition, due to the corona crisis, you should always take out travel cancellation insurance if you want to book a package tour.

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