How are Clarinets Different from Other Wind Insturments?

Wind instruments are those that produce sounds with air blown by the mouth

How are Clarinets Different from Other Wind Insturments?

Wind instruments are those that produce sounds with air blown by the mouth. Examples of wind instruments are oboe, flute, clarinet, and saxophone, to name a few. You may think, “How different are these instruments if they all require air to produce sounds?” Different things set these instruments apart. Although you play them by blowing into their mouthpiece, they have a world of difference; otherwise, why make different ones if they function the same?

Types of wind instruments

Wind instruments have two types: brass and woodwind. The tuba, saxophone, horn, and trumpet belong to the former. While the clarinet, oboe, flute, and saxophone belong to the latter. You may think that the names indicate the material used to make these instruments; actually, it pertains to the technique that the musician uses to produce the sound.

Sound production

In brass instruments, the lips vibrate, thereby making the air inside the device vibrate as well, producing the desired sound. In woodwind instruments such as clarinets, there are three ways that you can produce a sound:

•    By blowing across the edge of an open hole

•    By blowing over a fipple

•    By causing the reed to vibrate, the vibration of which shakes the air within the instrument

A clarinet has flexible reeds placed at the mouthpiece. When you blow into the mouthpiece, you increase the air pressure inside the chamber. This increase in pressure will decrease the pressure differential across the clarinet’s reed. It causes the reed to open wider, adding to the flow of air within the instrument.

Ease of use

Clarinets from Dawkes are generally smaller than other wind instruments, such as saxophones and tubas. They are very easy to carry and are light enough to carry and play for prolonged periods. Their size makes them suitable even for children to play. Compared to tubas and saxophones, children can carry clarinets easily, thus making it easier to play them. You can also take them around to band practice, concerts and other places without worrying about their weight. Clarinets are the instruments of choice of people who not only look for a versatile instrument, but for an easy-to-use and carry instrument as well.

Musical genres

You can play the clarinet in basically any musical genre, but they are most popular for jazz music, Broadway music, rock, orchestras, concert bands, and marching bands. You can play it solo or with an ensemble. Benny Goodman and Benny Herman were the most well-known clarinet players. The Beatles, Van Halen and Billy Joel were among the mainstream music artists that made use of clarinets in their music.

If you are considering taking up a new hobby in your free time, why not play a musical instrument? A clarinet, perhaps? You can learn how to play it through classes that teach students – young and old alike – how to play music. Maybe you can make your own music playing only the clarinet and nothing else. You can also join groups of clarinet players that play in different venues so you can hone your skills better.


Date Of Update: 21 February 2022, 14:40

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