Rules for Matching Your Watch with Your Outfit

A watch can become a part of an ensemble. You can wear different types of watches that will suit your outfits.

Rules for Matching Your Watch with Your Outfit

A watch can become a part of an ensemble. You can wear different types of watches that will suit your outfits. There are formal watches, sports watches, smart watches, etc. Believe it or not, a watch can either make or break an outfit. Imagine this: you are wearing a tuxedo for a formal event, and then you check the time on a sports watch with a colourful rubber strap. No matter how elegant your outfit is, if you are wearing a mismatched watch, it will ruin the whole look. There are some “rules” you can follow on what type of watch to match with a particular outfit.

Formal wear calls for a formal watch

Going to a formal event like a wedding, a corporate meeting or a conference? Then take out your most formal watch – it can have a dark leather or metallic strap. You can tell that a watch is for formal use through its hardware. The Omega deployment clasp is elegant on its own, as well as the entire assembly. An analogue watch is also more formal than a digital watch. Save your digital watch for casual days.

Use a durable watch when playing sports or working out

Sweat is a sure thing when you play sports or work out. Choose a watch designed for such purposes. Rubber straps do not absorb sweat, and it will not damage the hardware. Watchmakers create sports watches designed to withstand force, sweat and movement. Some sports watches will even count your steps and monitor your heart rate.

Leather goes well with leather

A leather watch with a leather outfit is not overkill; do not be afraid to go all out with leather. There’s a rule on belts and shoes: they must be the same colour and material. If you are wearing brown leather pants and shoes, use a brown leather watchstrap as well. Accessories should complement each other.

Analogue versus digital

Analogue watches are classic and timeless, and they are more appropriate for formal wear. Digital watches have LCD or LED faces that show the time in digital form. Regardless of the colour and material of the digital watch, it is more suitable for casual wear.

Antique watches can bend the rules

Heirloom watches not only tell time, but they represent a legacy in the family. There is no rule for wearing an heirloom piece. Some people wear them all the time, regardless of the outfit, because they have a sentimental value that they do not want to part with, even for just a day.

It is okay to invest in classic pieces that can last for years. You can also have one of each type so you can just grab the right one for an outfit and go. To save on buying watches, choose ones with interchangeable bands so you can switch them up depending on use. When it comes to buying watches, it is always a good idea to go with the quality and functionality rather than the price. Quality watches can last for decades with proper use and care.


Date Of Update: 21 February 2022, 14:39

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