Summer Travel Trends for 2018

Summer is officially in full swing, and as a result, plenty of media headlines are focusing on travel.

Summer Travel Trends for 2018

Summer is officially in full swing, and as a result, plenty of media headlines are focusing on travel. What should travelers know if they’re hitting the roads, the air or the seas this year?

Below are some of the big summer travel trends, and things making the news right now regarding travel.

Record Airport Crowds

While we often think about the winter holiday season as the time when airports are most crowded, the summer certainly isn’t seeing dwindling lines at check-in counters. According to the group Airlines for America, 22 of the 25 busiest travel days in the U.S. were between late May and early September.

There’s an expected record in 2018, which could see the busiest summer for air travel ever. This is based on projections from Airlines for America as well as the TSA. The TSA said while they typically screen between 2.2 million and 2.3 passengers every day, they think that number could spike to 2.7 million passengers during peak travel days in June, July and August.

The trend of very crowded airports could lead more travelers to go with other transport options. For example, renting Corpus Christi buses or RVs is an increasingly popular trend, and it’s cost-effective.. The average RV rental price in a city like Tampa, Florida is only $184.51 a night, and there’s no airport travel required.

New Security Measures

If you do opt to travel by air for any reason this summer, be prepared for new TSA guidelines. Increased security measures include more scrutiny of certain items like powders such as energy drink powder mixes or cosmetics. If containers have at least 350 mL of powder in them, they may be searched with extra attention.

If a traveler has a larger powder container, the TSA’s advice is to check it. It’s not a ban currently, but it could take longer to go through the security line.

Electronic devices that are carried-on continue to be a focus area as well.

Travel Preferences

A study conducted by Ebates was just released, and the results show that Americans’ least favorite people to travel with are their coworkers. Their favorites? No surprise it’s their significant others and their kids.

A whopping 92 percent of Americans said they plan to travel domestically this year, and 40 percent said they would be taking road trips.

For those people in the U.S. who do plan to travel abroad, Italy was the most cited destination they say they’d like to go.

The same research showed around 36 percent of Americans spend the bulk of their travel budget on plane fare and accommodations, and those costs range from $500 to $1,000. 70 percent of Americans say they usually spend less than $3,000 when they vacation.

Train Trends

Finally, American travelers interested in a different way to see the country, Amtrak announced they would be offering cross-country routes at 2-for-1 prices. Travelers can see the country outside their window, and they can enjoy upgrades like private rooms. It’s certainly a unique concept for most Americans, but one that’s becoming more appealing. 

Date Of Update: 24 September 2020, 09:00

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