Texas man accused of killing 18 elderly women claims he is'very innocent'

Police say that Billy Chemirmir used his job as a caregiver to enter the homes of elderly women, before smothering them with pillows and stealing their valuables.

Texas man accused of killing 18 elderly women claims he is'very innocent'

DALLAS -- The man accused of killing 18 elderly women in Dallas over a period of two years said in a newspaper interview that his innocence is proven and that he will be released from custody.

Billy Chemirmir is still in Dallas County Jail while he waits for an April 25 retrial. He was the first juror to hear the murder case against him. His murder trial in the death Lu Thi Harris , 81, was halted in November.

Last week, Chemirmir denied the allegations against him during a telephone interview. stated to The Dallas Morning News he was "100% certain" he would not be sent to prison.

Chemirmir stated to the newspaper, "I am not an assassin." "I am not at all what they are saying I am. I am an innocent person. I was not raised that way. I was raised in a loving family. "I didn't have any problems throughout my entire life."

Chemirmir was taken into custody in March 2018, after Mary Annis Bartel, 91, claimed that a man had forced his way into her apartment in a senior living facility in Plano.

Police found jewelry and cash in Chemirmir's nearby apartment after the attack on Bartel. Police found documents in a large, red-colored jewelry box that he had just destroyed. They took them to a Dallas residence where Harris was found dead with lipstick on her pillow.

Police claim that Chemirmir, who was a caregiver, used his position to stalk luxury senior living communities throughout Collin and Dallas counties. He posed as a worker and gained access to the apartments of elderly women. Then, he smothered them with a pillow and stole their valuables.

Chemirmir said to the newspaper that he was in the wrong place at wrong time. Chemirmir stated that his family also runs other senior living facilities in the Dallas area, where there have been no suspicious deaths.

He said, "If I were a murderer, I could have killed all those women." "Nobody was killed there."

Chemirmir claimed that he was born in Kenya's Rift Valley, and that his father is a wealthy farmer. Chemirmir stated that he started his career as a caregiver in Kenya. He then moved to the United States in 2003, and became a senior caregiver in Dallas.

Cheryl Pangburn's mother Marilyn Bixler was murdered in 2017. She is believed to be one of Chemirmiri's victims.

Pangburn stated, "You would hope that he feels some sort of remorse. But the truth is he doesn't feel anything." "I can't understand how the human mind could work in that way," Pangburn said.

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