A woman, left, one, toys I the kids of the goats in all things.

a member of Parliament, Linda Snecker, (V), are, sometimes, myself, surprised that she ended up on the left. A medelklassbakgrund of Cambridge, where he had now

A woman, left, one, toys I the kids of the goats in all things.

a member of Parliament, Linda Snecker, (V), are, sometimes, myself, surprised that she ended up on the left. A medelklassbakgrund of Cambridge, where he had now four times the size of the Party, and with an interest in legal issues, she didn't feel she was out of the V-unions, and the linsgrytor”.

" But it turned out it was still.

In one of the two arms of the small-rumsgranen in the Bud Sneckers desk in the parliament, is a clit made of plastic. Diagonally in front of the computer, she sat on top of a printed e-mail from its president, Andreas Norlén (M), in which he commends her for a debate in the house.

" He is, of course, also from Norrköping, sweden, so of course we have for a couple of years, cheered, and talked on the tågperrongen. It is important in this parliament, where we are coming from. A lot lokalpatriotism.

”It's hard to be balanced when the world is against you. Either way, you think, ”oh, it's nothing,” or you can take it to him all the time,” says Linda Snecker.Photo by: < / b> OLLE SPORRONG

But then, in 2014, she was elected to the Swedish parliament, she has not only captured the president's attention. She has also managed to annoy the real mad sverigedemokrater, both inside and outside of the house. There she is, still.

" You should almost be flattered (laughs). However, this has been the case in the first place. When I was a fritidspolitiker blogged, I was in the times of india, and rather quickly I became the most popular for the very reason that I was able to round out things. I have the ability to get into some kind of perspective. So, I think that, on the one hand, it is. Partly because I'm a woman, left, one, and blond hair. I will check all of it.

" I know what I'm doing, when I lace up for things, but it is also the one that goes well with very many of them, too – but it also inspires.

" No, but I know how to do it. I would like to have the attention of a question, I have a pretty good track on how you are going to make. But, no, I really like the trigger nättrollen saying how stupid I am, I am, however, review, my body, my mind, or what I said, about ten years ago.

" at Times, it is possible that, when he had to take debattklipp of the parliament of myself and put it out on their Facebook page. Then, the situation has become completely out of hand. It is exploding from all parts of the world.

" Then I will give my phone to my husband, and he will remove and sort it out. It's hard to be balanced when the world is against you. Either way, you think, ”oh, it's nothing,” or you can take it all.

Linda Snecker, to say that she had her feminist awakening, sometime around high school. They were a group of girls who were really tired of the guys that took too much space.

" So we're actively taking a lot of space physically. And that's what it was. It was in the context of ”Buildings”, as Linda Skugge-time, as well as the whole of this period. The first wave of feminism at the time. To the left is also, of course, if it's about feminism, which as well as being the firm's entrance.
”My goal has always been, a journalist and legal policy.”Photo by: < / b> OLLE SPORRONG < / span>

" No." I like what they stand for, but I think that they are too shallow in their political analysis. I think that the lack of economic analysis of the community, and so it was, at times, very academic, which means that I'm still slopes a bit. It is very difficult to understand for many people. It is exciting, academic, and not as a political movement.

even now, in adulthood, to the parliament, that is, Linda Snecker, a ”typical” vänsterpartist. Unlike many of the other vänsterpartister – such as, perhaps, sitting in the committee on health and welfare, or the culture – thats her for criminal policy.

One of the things that helped the most näthat to Linda Snecker is a clip from the house in which she says that women assume all men are rapists, because we can't look at a man unless he is a rapist or not.

" It is, of course, is a description of the female experience in a patriarchal world. In order that we may not be able to see who that's going to hurt him, and it is, of course, that is not the problem.

" I've always been a feminist legal policy, and I think that it's clip to put a finger on anything. Can I also get the fact that fewer women have that feeling? The fact that fewer women are aware of a general threat of sexual violence on the part of women, as a group, so it would be a wonderful thing.

in Order to achieve this, she says, we need to talk more about men, as a group, with unbelievable power, great influence, and a våldskapital, which accounts for a large proportion of the crime, as well as the largest percentage of the brottsoffrena.

There is nothing violent in the way men are brought up and live.”

" There's something wrong in the male is the norm, when they are both hitting and being hit. Here we have a jätteproblem. It is clear that the våldsbejakande as well as extremism is largely made up of men, gängkriminaliteten, gender-based violence against women. There is something violent in the way men are brought up and live in. This, of course, we break up. I am absolutely convinced that the fact that it is going to be done.

" To have a different distribution of power in society. Women actually have a much larger share of power-both political power and economic power. That we are all the same. And there are also non-binary, and all that is violating the standards. For a woman to break in any way against a rule, and it is, of course, that is why it is so provoking, when I take these types of issues, whether it is a structural våldsproblem of men and women. That is, the trigger is very, very, most, even though it is a very, very common.

" There are a lot of who think that it is very hard for me to get it together. However, it is this: that we want to solve the crime in the community, then, is not the solution, we are all of the sentences to five years will reduce the crime rate by fifteen percent. There is no evidence to show that these two things are connected.

" on the other hand, there are some crimes that cannot be punished hard enough, and that the police did not investigate sufficiently high priority. In order to raise a criminal offence, so also raise police priority internally at the pre-trial investigation. How much effort should be put on the offense. And there is, of course, crimes of sexual violence, such as gender-based violence against women, a category in which the våldtäktsanmälningarna is placed at a high level. And, we are raising the penalty, so the priority of the judiciary to the question above.

" I think so, absolutely. Academically, you can certainly make it. At a political level, it is enough to define as it is to find that one of the jämställdhetsreformer. Keep in mind, yes, it is very difficult to find a more equal society, while at the same time there are divisions based on class. For the women, always the poorest in the country.

" I would never take on a battle against the liberal agenda, and to say that my feminism is at its best. I would rather see the systerskapet.

I think that in regard to the former, destroys the entire concept of solidarity.

Linda Snecker, tells her that she and the other women, including, inter alia, from the moderate party, and sometimes speak up if they are going to take the reply to each other in the parliament the right to try and take the space from them.

" Then it appears we have the place and power of the. Then, bang, we on the other just as much as I do against any other in the moderate at any time. The systerskapet, I think, is very important.

" I think we need to make sure to not end up being in regard to the former. You will need to come from a certain background, and to comply with the mass of the categories to the left. I think that in regard to the former, destroys the whole concept of solidarity, because solidarity is, for me, is that I was able to keep his voice from anyone else. I don't think we're going to go into here, but there is a tendency that we like to have more of the politics of identity. It is, I think, is the death penalty for a wide to the left.

You have chosen not to run for the leadership, as she Noted to thank to our parents, despite the fact that some have brought up your name. "Why not?"

" of course they will be flattered, but this is a very tough job. For a lot of work at strange hours and on the weekends. And then, I'm a little bit nerdy. I'm not interested in any policy that a party should be concerned with.

Linda Snecker

a Husband and two kids of 5 and 9 years of age.

the department of political Science at the university of Linköping.

Grew up in Bålsta, north of Stockholm, sweden. Living in a townhouse in san jose.

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