In distress against Trump: Biden is going hard

Who hopes for a speedy end to the Era of Trump, who likes to draw this hope: In his first TV debate against Joe, the President was rebuked Biden is always energ

In distress against Trump: Biden is going hard

Who hopes for a speedy end to the Era of Trump, who likes to draw this hope: In his first TV debate against Joe, the President was rebuked Biden is always energetic, if he broke the rules, which he himself had agreed. He was precisely raised to logic errors in his argument, and he was urged to refer sensitive questions to: he Condemns the demonstrations, with white supremacists? He believes in man-made climate change? He is willing to accept a possible defeat in the election to recognize? The Problem: All of that was thanks to Chris Wallace, the Moderator from the channel Fox News. The democratic candidate Joe Biden did, however, very difficult, Trumps aggressiveness oppose something.

of Course you can declare Biden the winner of the debate, because, after all, it was Trump who showed from the first Minute of its most unpleasant side: The President was Biden rarely excuses; he shifted to personal attacks as soon as it was in terms of content, is unpleasant for him; he took refuge in falsehoods, and refused, again, to the promise of a peaceful transition of power.

But all this is not new. Trump showed up just as the Americans are likely to experience many years of day-to-day. In the eyes of his opponents shameless, disrespectful, unsympathetic (for example, against the more than 200,000 Corona-dead in his country) and on top of that, often clueless. In the eyes of his followers, however, a maker who does not adhere to traditional conventions of the political Establishment, and never, ever, under churning can. In short: Trump is won by the debate, there are not many supporters lost even new sympathizers.

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This may be good news for Biden, who leads in the polls, finally, a long time ago. But with his own appearance, the Democrat can't be satisfied. Because it was not suitable to eliminate the Trump for months, vicious spread doubts about the leadership of the "Sleepy Joe". The Americans want a man as President and commander-in-chief of the armed forces of addiction in a TV debate against the incumbent again and again the help of the Moderator? The stumbling quite reliable, when he enumerates the facts and Figures? The realization that enough for you, Joe better manners Biden? Or would you have wanted more evidence that the democratic candidate would be with a Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping or Kim Jong-ready?

rarely has the space created to convincing plans of their own to present, instead of moaning, just the blunt knowledge of the "worst presidents we ever had". If it is, then it were mostly offset pieces that you knew from the Obama administration. That Biden, the vehicle fleet of the Federal government's changeover to E-cars and wants to introduce of the Trump abolished subsidies for thermal insulation, again, is not going to inspire many of those young Americans who hold climate change to be the greatest threat to their future. In the same way as in Biden's own party is no longer, many people believe that America gets to be a Problem with structural racism and police violence in the grip, by representatives of the civil rights movement, and of police authorities, invites to the White house.

even Worse for Biden: again and again he allowed himself to be seduced by Trump's Comments that the gap between his moderate attitude of old democratic school, and today's leading activists from the left wing revealed. He was weak when he refused to answer the question of whether the Democrats change the rules and the Supreme Court would extend, after a possible election victory in the knee-jerk left-liberal Obesity procedures on the bench to recover. How to fit the to his claim that the democratic party was he? Also on the subject of police violence, Biden was trying to Flounder to ensnare middle-voters without upsetting his own camp. At worst, Biden showed his weakness, as he rode the first energetic best that the party-left-forced "Green New Deal" was his Plan, to defend him as a project that will be self-financing.

Date Of Update: 01 October 2020, 06:19

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