Magnus NyströmDet it feels like we're living on borrowed time

Magnus NyströmLäs more: the chronicles of the > Magnus NyströmFölj A scream is already high enough to SHL would have to be out the whole season, and I can und

Magnus NyströmDet it feels like we're living on borrowed time
Magnus NyströmLäs more: the chronicles of the
> Magnus NyströmFölj

A scream is already high enough to SHL would have to be out the whole season, and I can understand the strong feelings and emotions. My initial reaction was that you in the end to seek to the end of the season, in order to get the sporting justice."

as of the NBA players and soccer players in Italy are themselves infected, and many of the major teams in many different sports, in either set up for an indefinite period of time, which is the off-season, or even now decide to close down the season, in which a FIN, in Switzerland, we have, of course, in the new reality.

a number of SHL-sections, has already expressed his strong views.

" you only have to look at the way in which the whole world would look like. We have been late with anything and everything. If all the leagues are set up, how should I play this game? I'm pretty sure that there won't be any more games, " said Malmö, sweden the malmö redhawks director of the Patrick Sylvegård to the new york times.

The boss, Johansson spoke to the newspaper Aftonbladet, and said:

" We are not afraid almost to go to Stockholm, but at least it will be flying around in Sweden and in the aircraft, which may have transported individuals from the Ukraine, and Italy. I have a player in my organization, who has diabetes and is at risk. I like his head exposing him to the risk? I don't want to have to take the consequences, " said Thomas, who wants to SHL, set up for the rest of the season. the Audience's meaning could not be clearer,
malmo's coach, Peter Andersson, was also visibly shaken when he was interviewed in More for derby Sports.

" It's a damn bit different. In the four years of each, every day, I loved to go to work, and I think it's the best there is. Today, however, it feels a little bit like that, and I'll tell you, it's one hell of a weird situation, and we'll see where it goes.

In C, The studio set the SHL-the Michael the the Midst of of great min.

I have been criticized SHL, a part of over the years, but still think the league is doing it right this time, giving themselves some more time.

in the Midst of a was honest, and admitted that ”maybe I'm naive,” he stressed that the SHL follows folkhälsomyndighetens recommendations that do not have events for the more than 500 people, and that is why we chose the matches before empty stands in the night.

this is What is happening with the team that is going to go up or down, I thought to myself the Bear Oldén at the studio.

in the Midst of talking away the issue and said several times that ”we'll have to see how it develops.”

There is a major problem, how are SHL and in teams to solve the qualification round?

the matches are conducted without an audience, even if the SHL season is cancelled?

It's not going to blow Björklöven, and Again for the chance to go to the top of the SHL, and north adams, and st. augustine, shall not escape the torment.

Only the clear ruling of the Midst of was, that no gold will be awarded based on the regular season.

Luleå, sweden, no of gold to win the series, " said Marchal.

I zappade among Thursday's matches, and it was surreal.

It couldn't be a more clear indication of how important the audience is to the experience.
I feel like we're living on borrowed time.

We have heard the players shouting to each other, and we all heard the sound of the ice. It was deserted-quiet and empty, and the feeling was like being in a training session. Some of the fans had to put out the banners and the flags, in Luleå, sweden, was a sign that the empty locations are hockeyns death.

the Evening's most uplifting remark was expertkommentatorn Arto Blomsten.

" It's nice of the judges!

in Summary, for this wonderful evening.

It feels like we're living on borrowed time because as soon as one player becomes the infected, and you're out of luck.

And perhaps, after all, is it advisable to be put in.

But what do we do with the qualification?

at the moment I have no good answer. No one else, either. We'll wait and see how the infection will spread, and what is going to happen.

it May be Again, and Björklöven have free places for the SHL, and the league expanded to 16 teams?

but it will be unfair to the Town, and the rest of the teams in the top division.

another crazy option is to finish the season in the fall, and then immediately have a shortened season, as they have a wider distribution of tv money in order to have it equal between the leagues.

I know, it sounds a lot stolligt.

But it would still feel better than hockey, but the audience.

Updated Date: 12 March 2020, 21:00

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