Memory culture: The biggest lie?

The German culture of remembrance is regarded by many as exemplary. Samuel Salzborn, sees it differently. The Belief in an actual deal with the Nazi past was "

Memory culture: The biggest lie?

The German culture of remembrance is regarded by many as exemplary. Samuel Salzborn, sees it differently. The Belief in an actual deal with the Nazi past was "no less than the biggest lie of the Federal Republic of Germany" and the denazification of the society alone, a good intention remained, in his book "Collective innocence. The defense of the Shoah in the German Remember“. That history revisionist positions are not a phenomenon of the present, but deeper roots and do not suddenly fall from the sky, shows the scientist in his work.

Johanna Christner


F. A. Z.

The analysis of right-wing extremism researcher distinguishes between two different forms of the German culture of remembrance: the Former relates to the calendar that is anchored to Remember in a public space, such as through Speeches and wreath-laying ceremonies at Memorial sites. Difficult it act mainly in order to deal with the guilt of their own fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers, their photos makes it in the military and the SS-uniforms are pasted in old photo albums: their debt to the Jews as the origin of all Evil is believed to be of their guilt, of Hitler, fascinated, been, and, not least, of their guilt, looked the other way.

The Federal Republic of Germany is based the author on a victim-myth of the German in which the victim and the perpetrator in a fog of historical Decontextualization blur. In one of the six sections of salt born in this context about film productions of the young Federal Republic in the pillory, including "The devil's General", the "doctor of Stalingrad" or "The bridge". Such films would receive the myth, the German people knew "nothing or nothing against the of mass destruction can do." The mass murder of the European Jews was only mentioned on the sidelines or in the case of completely under the table. The victim role is reserved for non-Jewish German.

a phantasm of collective sacrifice is to spread status to the present wide, busy salt born with empirical studies and findings from the anti-Semitism research. From a 2019 published work of the Institute for interdisciplinary conflict and violence research at the University of Bielefeld shows that 69.8 percent of the respondents to count their ancestors to the perpetrators of national socialism. 28.7 percent of the Germans surveyed believe that their ancestors would have helped potential Victims. Historical estimates suggest, however, that the proportion of those who have helped potential Victims in fact, is about 0.3 percent. A good half of the approximately 200 000 Nazi war criminals Imprisoned was two years after the end of the war to walk free, a not small proportion found a place in the public service, in politics, business and science.

these are not new findings. There are no new Figures are also to a large extent. But 75 years after the defeat of Nazism, anti-Semitism exists not only in narratives of the history books, but in the midst of the society. For years, Jewish organizations point to the fact that this language can lead to terrorist violence. That is not to be unduly concerned, as proven by the rise in antisemitic crimes by 13 percent in the year 2019, not least the assassination of the hall last fall. In the past few days, this synagogue received a right-wing extremist threatening letter, and found the handkerchiefs, in the swastika the form lined up, in front of the synagogue.

On the Sleeves sewn on the "Unvaccinated"-stars on concentration camp clothing costumes, as well as the instrumentalization of Anne Frank on the so-called hygiene demos, declined to give evidence of Historical amnesia, lack of respect and abuse of the responsibility towards Jewish fellow citizens. In view of these developments, the publication of Samuel Salzborns, it appears like can also make way more in-depth words left to be desired, as urgent and necessary warning.

Date Of Update: 23 June 2020, 10:20

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