Mysterious love remains a mystery forever – unique message can only be seen from the sea

James loves Julie – James love Julie. But why would it read the eagle of the position of the port in the old berth? James is likely to have been a sailor,

Mysterious love remains a mystery forever – unique message can only be seen from the sea

James loves Julie – James love Julie. But why would it read the eagle of the position of the port in the old berth?

James is likely to have been a sailor, who has missed home left overs Julie. Or is James after all, only met Julie in Kotka?

Jameksen love Julie is one of about a couple hundred to the port of Kotka on the pier paintings that sailors have, for decades, joutohetkin to paint the pier on the sea side of the wall.

the Unknown sailor is a little over 20 years ago, painted the eagle the position of the port berthing the largest painting. Olavi Heino

Among them there is a lot of love messages, but still the most common are the ships, seamen and their place of residence to their names.

the Eagle-based artist Olavi Heino is photographed outside port of the dock paintings and arranged for their exhibition. Photos are now ended up together with the fictional sea stories with a book called the pier graffiti, the Eagle in the old port.

– Paintings is to make the platform on the outer surfaces, so only the sea moved can they see, Heino says.

Heinolle pier paintings recording and presentation is a way to bring out the unknown left over from the sailors culture. Heino is also a painted photo on the basis of the works that are currently exhibited in kotka in the Gallery a new picture.

the Eagle pier paintings is saved also in the Kymenlaakso museum. Research Vilma Lempiäinen estimates that the earliest paintings are from the 1950s and the latest millennium, the fold around.

Lempiäinen, according to pier paintings and inscriptions are fascinating, a little bit hidden in the cultural tradition, which is today easy to relate to.

– the Paintings represent the same innate need as of this day of selfies. Paintings have been left a sign that I've been right here.

Kotka artist Olavi Heino is working on the old pier paintings and -indications on the basis of the book and their own paintings. Ville Vanhala / YleKäyntikortti in Mexico

pier paintings are born seafarers rehabilitation in their ships in the harbor. The paintings are painted saltwater resistant boat paint.

the Ship's landward side, the surface was painted from the pier, but the sea-hand side was painted pontoon ferry, which the sailors called the name of flotta. Flo from from anyone seeing him leave the chips in the dock, told the spokesman Pekka Karppanen the sea man services office.

Also, Bert has left a "calling card" the eagle of the position of the harbour.Olavi Heino

Karppanen calls pier paintings also kind of a visit card, which has been reported, which ship with a full crew has been kyseisesssä ports.

– Previously, sailors were able to sail up to half a year straight, so the pier is painted either in the port to meet the or at home waiting for female names, Karppanen says.

less than a decade, the world of the sea first the deck and later the stern and chief officer of the sail to the group's board, according to the sailors made by pier paintings found in ports around the world. He is also a self failed to such use of their cards for platforms

at Least the Mexican Santa Cruz port of the berth is the ferry we Finnoceanisin name. We painted it together to cover the man with my friend.

pier paintings are painted also of shipowners and states flags. Olavi heino from the sea to the country

the painter Olavi Heino view, pier paintings made paintings are history inspired contemporary art.

– Works the starting point is true, although in the implementation, for example, the original paintings have been added to the name. Now to be exhibited the works convey to the viewer, however, that moment, when the original painting is done to the quay, Heino says.

the Finnish military history and military life of the present Museum of militaria the leader of the Mia-Leena Brick was introduced earlier in Kotka, Kymenlaakso museum as a researcher while working on a pier paintings. According to him, the pier paintings and markings are indicative of the seamen's culture to the global dimension.

the Dutch container shipping the Rijnborg-ship has also been the Eagle staman in. Olavi Heino

– the Paintings are the key, because their authors have wanted to leave himself a mark. A twinkle in his eye can be said that it is also a territory marking of Brick tell. .

the Paintings and the character of the pier in the report contributed to the fact that the city is accustomed to see not only countries, but also from the sea.

– don't forget that things can be viewed elsewhere. It is one of those paintings with message and meaning.

cruise ships the crews of the Helsinki hernesaari harbour made by new pier paintings have been used a stencil and spray colors. Pekka karppanen tradition of living and reform

Olavi Heino got the idea satamamalausten save on drive in boat house, the Eagle of the sea. The paintings saw near him was an empowering experience.

– I simply couldn't take the risk that the paintings would disappear over time. The paintings had to photograph.

Heino Eino -father was also a painter, but also a sailor before the opt-out countries, the port worker.

– it would Seem natural that the father had painted one of the harbour pier painting, Heino ponders.

pier paintings painting has been reduced as a cargo ship in port time is reduced. Now part of the port has denied the platform to paint on.

the sea man service spokesman Pekka Karppanen, for example, the Helsinki Vuosaari harbour is the pier of the paintings are, but Helsinki Hernesaari pier for cruise ships the crew has started to paint the markings, which the group's board calling for paintings instead of graffiteiksi.

They are similar in content as the old pier paintings, but the name of the ship instead of the dock is painted on the ship of the logos. New port graffiti are colorful and they are painted with a stencil or a pattern using the template. In that sense, the old tradition continues and reform, the group's board said.

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